Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekly Email #3 - The Newest Buckeyes Fan

Hello everyone! I'm officially in Ohio as of Thursday and it's been a
blast so far! Once I got all my suitcases and my bike inside our
apartment, Elder Bunker (new companion!) and I immediately left and
went tracting in our area! It was fun and I got to meet everyone in
our ward yesterday and totally reminded me of my ward back at home.
They aren't as cool though 😉.

We were able to go on Ohio State University on Friday to go
proselytizing to the local college students there. It was great and I
handed out my first Book of Mormon! I am currently in the Canal,
Winchester Ward for next 12ish weeks and I'm hoping to get a chance to
preach on Campus in the next coming months!

My new companion is Elder Bunker and he is a great missionary! He's
been out for 10 months and he's from Cedar City. Very Spiritual guy
and he became a trainer two days before I arrived in the mission. And
most importantly, he's CLEAN. That means no messes I have to clean up!

Our apartment is fully functional after today as we got our washer
fixed yesterday and our sink mysteriously fixed itself. It's pretty
clean and I expected it to be a lot more dirtier and disgusting. I
haven't had to pull out the oxygen mask out just yet.

One really weird experience I had this week was going over to an
"investigators" house yesterday. Her name is Cindy and instead of us
teaching a lesson it was the other way around. She is Lutheran and she
believes that she saw an angel over my head when I started talking to
her and that angel is representing the love of my life. She analyzed
how I looked, talked, smiled, how I sat forward on her couch, the list
goes on. And her house smelled like a cigarette the size of
Mississippi (Ohio joke). Let's just say I got nothing from her and we
won't be coming back anytime soon.

One thing I love about this mission is the amount of love the
missionaries get here. I think I'm gonna like it here and I can feel
the Spirit so much when I talk to investigators. You guys are gonna
hear a lot of stories from me and they will never stop being
interesting, I guarantee it.

Love you all. Thank you all for the support and the emails and
packages you have sent my way. They definitely are not going unturned.
Talk to you soon!

Elder Galbraith

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