Thursday, November 24, 2016

Weekly Email # 68 - Happy Thanksgiving # 2

Happy Thanksgiving! Again! Another Holiday season out in the mission and its been just a solid week. We have Thanksgiving plans with members and I'm super excited for it all! And we've met a couple of solid people!

Jonathan is one of them. We tracked into him at the beginning of the week and taught him the Restoration. We talked more about what missionaries do, why we do this and we were able to testify the truthfulness of it all. He is actually a DJ in the Columbus area! He's very friendly, honest and open to listening and acting on our message. We visited him three times this week, and the last time was yesterday. There we helped him put together a newly purchased book shelf and we talked about the assignments we gave him. Some cool things he said was, "If you get me hooked, you'll get my wife hooked for sure!" Haha and the other was right after we invited him and his family to come worship with us. He said, "Bro. I just checked my schedule and next Sunday, there is NOTHING going on....... THAT DOES'NT JUST HAPPEN! BRO, YOU GUYS MUST BE JESUS PEOPLE!" Haha Jonathan is great :)

We had a warm week as it stayed in the 50's and 60's up until Friday when it hit 75! It was awesome! And then Saturday and Sunday came and we haven't seen anything higher than 29 degrees. Haha its going to be a cold winter. Everyone here says we had a mild winter last year and that we should expect to have a freaking freezing one in the coming months. Time to pull out the winter gear again!

We had Zone Conference this past Thursday which was a Spiritual Feast! Meetings always are like that, in my opinion, but one of the key things we talked about was the Christmas Initiative the Church is doing this year.

November 25th, the Church will release their Christmas video, entitled, "#LightTheWorld". The video has become one of my favorites (we got a sneak peek :) ) and we will be using it every day in our proselyting efforts. Be sure to look on to find out more.

 I'll talk more about it in my next email because we will get more details on it soon. Please take the chance to be apart of this special Holiday Season and #LightTheWorld with your own light.

I'm thankful to be a missionary at this time. Being a missionary amplifies my feelings of gratitude because of all the things I took for granted back at home. I hope during this Holiday Season that we can not only say we are grateful for this, that and the other, but that we will show and be grateful for the Lord's bounteous blessings for us all. I know He lives and that we are members in His Church, using His Priesthood authority to "go about doing good". We should be thankful for His Atonement, for His sacrifice for us. Thank you everyone for all you do for me.

Again, have a Happy and Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"If not for you, who? If not now, when? If not here, where?"

Pictures and Video!

1. The Biking Life.

2. Selfie with a group of Elders taking a break during Zone Conference.

3. Met up with Elder Liu, my former companion! A picture of some of his companions (I better be his favorite.) In order, Elder Hildebrand, Elder Liu, Me, Elder Anfinson (he's never been Elder Liu's companion.... Elder Liu just wanted him in the picture :) ) and Elder Ball.

4. The new District! Elder Bagley, Elder Miller, Elder Young, Elder Parkinson, Me, Elder Monson, Elder Dover, Elder Hildebrand, Sister Asay, Sister McClellan

5. The Primary from my Ward back at home sent me a gift! Thank you so much! There were like 20 mini letters, they are awesome! You guys are the best!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Weekly Email # 67 - Catching Up

Hello! Lets get down to the knit and gritty. There's been quite a few changes!

I had to say goodbye to Zanesville almost a week and a half ago. It was my first Mid-Cycle transfer! Now I am in the New Albany area with my new companion, Elder Young. Elder Young just got done being trained with his trainer so I'm only his second companion! I'm still in the Columbus East stake which is awesome! I love this stake and at the end of this transfer, I'll have been in this stake for almost 11 months. New Albany is right on the North East side of the outer belt of Columbus, so now I'm back in the city. And guess what? I'M A FULL TIME BIKER! Woo..... hoo? Last Monday was the first time I biked in over a year. Haha to give you a quick update on my body, I'm sore. Like super duper ultra sore. Like most sore I've ever been in the mission. I'm sure this won't be the end of all the whining and complaining, but hey, its the best workout you can get out here!

Another thing that has been going on is the multiple stake boundary changes. Our area used to be a full time car area, until these changes. Mostly everyone is okay with the changes and we are trying our best to build up the ward and help them be okay with all of it.

Our investigator update is.... well... we don't have one. Haha we are starting with scratch since we have a new proselyting area, which makes me excited but nervous for what the future holds. We've already had some really cool experiences being out and about on our bikes and talking to people.

Man its been a crazy week. Wish I could say more but I can't even organize in my mind how to spell Ohio. Haha so you'll get more details from me next week. Until then, ta ta for now!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"If not for you, who? If not now, when? If not here, where?"


1. Gary and I. Gary has been investigating for a long time in the Zanesville area and he's just one of those cool investigators you get to meet. Don't know if he'll ever be baptized, but he's pretty cool.

2. Elder Young and I on our first day biking.

3. We had a District Activity today!

4. Cane's with Elder Young, Elder Bagley, and Elder Miller.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Weekly Email # 66 - NO WEEKLY EMAIL

Hey Mom and Dad,

Thank you both for the birthday wishes, the videos, and everything. To
get you updated, I won't be able to send a weekly email today. It just
got too hectic and busy. Let me explain a little. First off, I am no
longer in Zanesville. I got mid-cycle transferred to Westerville, a
suburb North East of Columbus. My new companions name is Elder Young,
he just got done a couple weeks ago being trained so I'm follow up
training. Also this is my first full time biking area. But that might
change soon depending on if we switch apartment locations in the near
future. But for now, we are getting on the pedals. I guess I better
pump up some tires that haven't been used in over a year :)

This change was not expected. At all.

So I am here now. My new address is
4320 Executive Pkwy Apt 223
Westerville, Ohio 43081

Right now I'm just trying to adjust and make the most out of it. Elder
Young is great, the area looks promising, but it's very difficult to
leave everything you worked towards behind in area and move to a
different area and work right away.

It's been a difficult past few days. We spent the weekend with the
Zone Leaders and I learned a lot from them, don't get me wrong. It was
just hard basically sitting in Limbo until I found out my destiny.

I'm doing my best to be positive. Going to focus on the work as much
as possible so I don't get frustrated with everything.

Also, I was not in Zanesville when your package arrived at the
doorstep, dad. So I will be retrieving it next Wednesday, the 16th, at
Zone Conference.

Love you both. Again, no weekly email today. I'm sorry. Hope you both
have an awesome week.

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"If not for you, then who? If not now, when? If not here, where?"

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Weekly Email # 65 - Zone Conference + Halloween + Good Things To Come

C Cr Crazy week this week! I'll have to do a quick day by day analysis and give you the rest next week!

Monday - We had Zone Activity! The Zone Lords (I don't call them that in person. Its one of those things you can over exaggerate.) organized a scavenger hunt for the whole zone to participate in. And we won. Cuz our pictures were just that great. Don't believe me? I'll show you.

Tuesday - We contacted a bunch of our investigators. Most appointments went well and got return appointments for the rest of the week.

Wednesday - District Meeting. It was actually one of the better ones I've participated in as we talked about each investigators concerns and how to address them.

Thursday - A total BOMB exchange with my former companion, Elder Isom, my now current Zone Leader. We were driving all throughout my area which stretches a whole area from one side to the other. We had an awesome experience with a less active which I will mention on Sunday.

Friday - Weekly Planning. Ugh. Haha I'm slowly but surely getting better at weekly planning. I'm sure Elder McCray thinks I'm the worst at it but we got through it and later, we provided service for some members and investigators.

Saturday - More contacting. Then. TRUNK-OR-TREAT later that night! The Sisters dressed up as Elders and the whole time, members were wondering why we didn't dress up as sisters.  I happily explained that my pride wouldn't allow me to do such a thing.

Sunday - Get to church. Bishop begins Sacrament meeting (again, no investigators at church. Bummer. But. That will change.) and as he begins, he says, "As you can tell, we have no speakers today. *Gestures towards the five empty seats on the podium*  Now this is what we are going to do. Let's get to know our missionaries and have them share their testimonies.  And we will also have the PRIVILEGE to hear from the leadership of our ward. I will ask every Auxiliary President to share what is going on in their separate quorums and also their testimonies. Elder Galbraith, will you start us off?"

Bam. Talk about laying down the anxiety, Bishop! Surprisingly this was only the 5th or 6th time this has happened to me, but nonetheless, I did bear my testimony and it was actually pretty good!

Also, when the Relief Society President went up to share her testimony, she shared the experience of me and Elder Isom, on our exchange, contacting that less active. She had not gotten in contact with this less active woman for over 20 YEARS and after dinner on Thursday, we were able to do so and the Relief Society President bore a powerful testimony on home teaching and visiting teaching. It was stupendous!

Gotta get running but I can't forget pics! Love you all! Still replying back to all of you.. haha be patient with me, please :)

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"The most effective missionaries always act out of love" -Elder Dallin H Oaks

Zone Activity Pictures!

Pictures! I'll include a short description of each picture and the requirement.

1. Your district must take a picture with a wildlife animal

2. Re-create the First Vision. Elder McCray modeling and who took the picture? Yours truly.

3. Elder Anfinson and I photo bombing at it's prime.

4. My fav picture. Do your best High School Musical picture!

5. A photo of the Zone. One of the best zones I've been in.

6. Hulk SMASH.

Halloween Pictures next week!