Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Weekly Email # 66 - NO WEEKLY EMAIL

Hey Mom and Dad,

Thank you both for the birthday wishes, the videos, and everything. To
get you updated, I won't be able to send a weekly email today. It just
got too hectic and busy. Let me explain a little. First off, I am no
longer in Zanesville. I got mid-cycle transferred to Westerville, a
suburb North East of Columbus. My new companions name is Elder Young,
he just got done a couple weeks ago being trained so I'm follow up
training. Also this is my first full time biking area. But that might
change soon depending on if we switch apartment locations in the near
future. But for now, we are getting on the pedals. I guess I better
pump up some tires that haven't been used in over a year :)

This change was not expected. At all.

So I am here now. My new address is
4320 Executive Pkwy Apt 223
Westerville, Ohio 43081

Right now I'm just trying to adjust and make the most out of it. Elder
Young is great, the area looks promising, but it's very difficult to
leave everything you worked towards behind in area and move to a
different area and work right away.

It's been a difficult past few days. We spent the weekend with the
Zone Leaders and I learned a lot from them, don't get me wrong. It was
just hard basically sitting in Limbo until I found out my destiny.

I'm doing my best to be positive. Going to focus on the work as much
as possible so I don't get frustrated with everything.

Also, I was not in Zanesville when your package arrived at the
doorstep, dad. So I will be retrieving it next Wednesday, the 16th, at
Zone Conference.

Love you both. Again, no weekly email today. I'm sorry. Hope you both
have an awesome week.

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"If not for you, then who? If not now, when? If not here, where?"