Thursday, August 10, 2017

Weekly Email # 105 - Practice Living It and You Get More From It

One last hello!

Well these past several days were a great way to end my last days of full time missionary service. They weren't perfect days, don't get me wrong, but they were satisfactory and have helped increase my testimony greatly!

We did different finding tactics, but sadly didn't see much fruit from it all. But I'm continuing to learn how to measure the true values of success and how to benefit even from the hardest of times. These are some questions I've asked myself that have helped me improve that I want to share quickly. And other thoughts too because "tangents" is my middle name, haha.

I wish I could send this to all the people I've met out here. If you are or are not on this email list, know that this is meant for you.

How much do I trust the Lord? And how much does He trust me?

Who you are becoming is way more important than what you have presently. Its vital to look toward the future with faith.

And last but not least, quote from President Uchtdorf that may seem kinda random but I have looked it up several times and find it relevant now. Says he :

"What is the most important calling in the Church? It is the one you currently have. No matter how humble or prominent it may seem to be, the calling you have right now is the one that will allow you not only to lift others but also to become the man of God you were created to be."

We all got a place to serve. We all have a place in the kingdom of heaven. We all have responsibilities and we all receive blessings from those callings. I'm grateful for the many things I've learned out here that will help me be better at these things.

Man, there's so much more I want to say. Let me sum it up in these two paragraphs.

First off, thank you. Thank you to everyone that has been involved in this mission experience of mine, whether by the simple ways through email or through the personal contacts made here in Columbus, Ohio. Each one of you continue to bless my life each and every way, and I'm so grateful for that. I will forever cherish this place and the people in it. I can't say its my favorite place in the world, but I've grown to love it. Its been a heck of a two years. I wouldn't have these experiences if it wasn't for the many people I have come to know as my own personal family. Thank you so much.

I know that this work is true. Its a divine work. Joseph Smith's own words have become embedded in my own personal testimony. "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing." To everyone that's called in the work, don't let up. Keep doing your best. You all have been wonderful examples to me and push me to do better. My testimony is one of gratitude and I hope to reflect that into action for the rest of my life.

Again, thank you. I simply can't say it enough. Keep in contact, k?

Personal Email -
Social Media - @ConnerGalbraith

My homecoming details are on Facebook apparently (thanks mom!) If you can, I'd love to see you there this coming Sunday!

Love you all! Keep it real!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"Don't just live it. Kill it." - Elder G


1. These Ohio views! I'll miss them.

2. Death pic. Elder Anderson was pretty enthusiastic about killing me. Don't worry mom, its ketchup *insert non-existent ketchup emoji*

3. Serious pic with the District.

4. Love this District - Elder Brown, Me, Elder Anderson, Sister Horvath, Sister Thompson, Elder Thompson, Sister Jackson, Elder Rausch, Elder Cox, Elder Chavez
More pics!

5.  ZL exchange! Last exchange ever and I got to spend it with the one
and only Elder Brown!

6. The Stratfords. I can't get over how awesome they are.

7.  Exchanging back after interviews! Gotta drive the Jackson truck all
around Columbus traffic with Elder Weber! Not-so-fun times! Haha just

8.  The Packs. One of the many cool families I got to meet out here.
Got to do my last service project with Don specifically.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Email # 104 - End with a Bap.


The last Monday p-day. Weird. Let me catch you up with life! One of the best weeks of the mission!

We've been keeping busy for sure! We found 3 new investigators this week and are excited for them. And we are still teaching some of the the others like Don. We went over to his house this past Thursday to do some firewood and that was fun! Haven't done firewood like that since the good old Mount Vernon days! After doing service, he and his wife fed us lunch. And as we discussed the possibility of him coming to church this Sunday, I brought up the fact that I would be giving a talk and Don was like, "Man, I cannot miss out on this! Poncho giving a talk? (For the record, I still don't know for sure why he calls me poncho, but it works I guess. Haha)"

Before my talk on Sunday though, I got to go to Shaqualia's baptism in Reynoldsburg on Saturday! That is easily one of the top 5 best memories of the mission I will ever have. Even though her baptism was a little shaky with not being on time, the awkward pauses, children screaming, etc., she said she felt a wonderful spirit and was so grateful to be baptized. Well if that didn't warm my heart, I don't know what could. Shaqualia's baptism was the first person that I taught that got baptized in over a year and it feels sooooooooo amazing to know that she has made that commitment to Heavenly Father. I'm richly blessed to have taught her as much as I did. She'll be a wonderful member.

My talk on Sunday was a 10 minute talk on the Holy Ghost/Sharing the Gospel. I did my preparation and apparently, I didn't do enough of it because several members asked sarcastically if I was trunky or not. Hahaha its all good though, most of them were joking and I was grateful to give a talk. I needed to freshen up on my public speaking and I felt like it went pretty well. Plus, they didn't have to lower the podium as much as they have before!! Progress? I think so! Lol

So many other things happened this week but I don't have much time. Zone Conference was an absolute blast! I love President and Sister Stratford more and more every single day. I'm jealous of any missionary that gets to have them longer than myself. So.... all of you. Hahaha

Love you all. Thank you so much. I say it as much as I can so that I never forget to be grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life. How can I fail when there's so many great people in my life? Keep being awesome! I'll be emailing next Wednesday, then anxiously waiting for what is to come! Have a great week!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"Don't just live it. Kill it." - Elder G


1 and 2. GOT EM!!!!

 3. Squuuaaad at Zone Conference. Elder Cox, Elder Miller, Elder Rausch.

4. Mission Pals. Elder Merchant, Elder Anderson, Me, Elder Miller

5. Good ol' Elder Miller

6. Some of the old New Albs squad! Sister McClellan, Me, Elder Miller

7. and 8. Shaqualia's baptism! So proud of her.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Email # 103 - Remember. Be The Best You Can.


Things have been going well. An interesting observation I have made. Even with my time coming to an end soon, it seems like the missionaries that are around me are more trunky than me. Haha I'm going to definitely miss the missionary culture πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

These past events have been good! We found a few more people to teach. We also have been trying to put a good focus on our ward to be able to help them not only with missionary efforts but strengthening our own personal testimonies first. I have forgotten so many times that if I want someone to see the blessings of the Gospel, they need to do the SIMPLE things to experience joys of this work. It makes me evaluate myself. Speaking of evaluating myself...

MyPlan is going great too. Its a very simple 6 step program the church has put in place for missionaries. I was skeptical at first as to how much it would actually help me. But its prompted me to look back through my missionary experiences so that I can be ready for the rest of my life. The leaders of the church really do care about us, members and missionaries alike.

Senior couples have been a great blessing to me out here. This mission is packed full of senior couples, 9 of them if I remember correctly! The Thompsons, a senior couple in the nearby Lancaster Ward, have been especially awesome. They come to our district meeting with the Sisters and contribute greatly to our meeting and the work. And to make it even more of a bonus, Sister Thompson has helped mend my tearing apart missionary apparel, another act of kindness I am grateful for. That's proof right there that anyone can be a missionary.

Love you all! Thanks for your emails, they are always awesome and make me laugh all the freaking time. Haha have an awesome last week of July!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"I have discovered that life is not a series of great heroic acts. Life at its best is a matter of consistent goodness and decency, doing without fanfare that which needed to be done when it needed to be done. I have observed that it is not the geniuses that make the difference in this world. I have observed that the work of the world is done largely by men and women of ordinary talent who have worked in an extraordinary manner." - President Hinckley

Pics and Vid!

1, 2, and 3. After painting a deck, us chilling for a few minutes with the other Elders.

4. Us rocking out to EFY. Cuz why not?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Email # 102 - Measure Progress Differently


It's been a fun past several days in Athens! Here's the deets!

We have been working with an older couple, the Packs. Specifically, Don the husband who is a non member. His wife has been a less active member most of her live. He's really cool and has been off and on investigating the church for over 25 YEARS! There's been times where's he's been super close to getting baptized and then other times where he doesn't want missionaries stopping by. Recently, these past couple weeks we have seen more progression from him, which is exciting! We're doing service for him with the other Elders later this week.

Other than him, we've been clearing out the area book and finding new people as well. The hicks of Athens are the majority of people that we talk to.

We also had interviews with President and Sister Stratford this week and they were amazing! Best interviews I've ever had, it was great! Sister Stratford wanted to get to know all the missionaries and their families, and as I was telling her about my love for sports, this is how the conversation went ->

Sister Stratford - "Wait. You like basketball. Are you a Jazz fan?"
Me - Yeah! I love the Jazz! My family goes to their games once every year or so."
Sister Stratford - "We are DIE HARD Jazz fans. Did you hear about Gordon Hayward going to Boston?? He's such a dirty bugger!!"
Me - "Hahaha I know right??"
Sister Stratford - "Haha I am still coming to grips with that. Like, how can you leave after being here so long???"


I was laughing so hard! And my interview with President Stratford was even better. The mission is in good hands with them!

Should be a fun week this week! We got ZL exchanges and a bunch of service planned so that we can get some new investigators. It'll be great!

Talk to you all later! Thanks for your emails and everything else. I'm grateful for such great people in my life. Keep being awesome!

Elder G


1. How we park in the Great OCM. Hahaha the senior couple even got involved! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2. Basketball with these yahoo's! My most active p-day in a LONG time. Hahaha w/ Elder Cox, Elder Rausch, Me, Elder Anderson who didn't want to be in the pic. #Shame

Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekly Email # 101 - 4 More P-days


This will be short. I know, I know, you're sorely disappointed. Just kidding, I'm sure most of you who will read these emails are Galbraith's or someone that's having a boring day or both. Haha sorry! We've had a great week! This week we'll be looking forward to exchanges, interviews, and missionary stuff of course! Thank you for the emails this week! I'm excited that my homecoming Talk will be August 13th and all your lovely faces! But now it's back to the grind, love you all! Here's some pics at least!


1. #RedSoloCups #Happy4thπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

2. Cornhole. A great Ohio tradition.

3. Elder Cox video

4. Car pic with other Athens Elders!

5. #NoFilter #YellowSky?

6. Ohio Humidity sucks, but sunsets like these are bomb!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Weekly Email # 100 - One Hundred Weekly Emails!


It's been a good week! We found a few new investigators this week, which is pretty exciting for the Athens area. We're excited to meet with these people this week and make this area better.

The past few days have been really busy! With us being in the south east part of Ohio, the trek up to Columbus takes about an hour and a half to two hours, and we have made that trip 3 TIMES! Haha at times, it feels like we've done more driving than missionary work, but hey I cant say anything bad about it because...

We got a new mission president this week! President and Sister Stratford did a "Meet the Mission" meeting this past Friday where the whole mission got to meet and greet the new leaders of missionary work here in Columbus. I'm excited for them. They are both super humble and awesome people and I am excited to get to know them for these last few weeks! Honestly, I am jealous of the missionaries that get to spend more of their time with them, they'll make a wonderful addition to this mission.

I started MyPlan this past week.... The church created this program for missionaries that are on their last transfer and let me tell you, the trunky wall hit me so hard when I clicked on a button that said, "Begin MyPlan". Haha but its okay, we all have individual challenges and concerns... πŸ˜‰

Things have been going well though! All my complaining is done with pinch of humor and I am honestly grateful to be where I am at now. Looking back, I have learned a crap ton of things and I still am. Its always a great thing to be a missionary.

Well that's it for me! Here's some pics! Love you all! Have a great 4th of July! Don't have too much fun!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"Work is the miracle by which talent is brought to the surface and dreams become reality." - President Hinckley


1 and 2. Being trained in the way of cutting hair.

3. Took a picture of these goons with an awesome convert of theirs!

4. Typical P-day pic. Plus the aftermath of Anderson cutting my hair.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekly Email # 99 - The Last One. Let's Kill It In Athens.


Well, since last Thursday, things have changed! I guess thats what happens when you get five week shafted, but here's some info for you! I will be in my 3rd area in the Columbus South Stake and it is called Athens! Technically, we are in a smaller town nearby named The Plains (Yep, that's the name.) and its quite the alteration of Reynoldsburg. I'm back in hick town! Haha red neck Ohioans are some fun people to talk to. Its at the bottom right corner of Ohio and borders West Virginia!

We taught a lesson to an older man named Don who is the husband of his member wife. He's been taught by missionaries for a while now and recently told Elder Anderson, my new companion, that he knows he needs to be baptized! So we are going to continue working with him. We have others scattered around the hilly roads of southern Ohio that are coming along too!

Elder Anderson will be my final companion! He's from Logan, Utah and is one of the oldest in the mission, age wise and mission age wise. Haha he's been out 20 ish months and is a cool guy! He was actually my District Leader back when I was in Zanesville almost a year ago, so I know what this guy is like. I've never had a companion crack so many jokes in my life .hahaha its going to be a great 7 weeks!

Yesterday, we took an hour and a half drive back over to Reynoldsburg to perform a missionary fireside for the Stake! Its most likely going to be my last fireside and definitely President and Sister Daines last one! It was definitely a sad moment to stand next to President Daines while singing the hymn, "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again". It was a great program and it was fun to see some people from a Ward that I served five weeks in. I also got to see my old junior high coach back in Provo! All you Provo peeps absolutely should remember Coach Hendrickson from Dixon. It was so cool to see him, his daughter served a mission in Columbus and they were touring the mission at the exact same time I'd be at the fireside. Crazy!

Here is my new address for those that remember I'm still out in Ohio :)

Love you all! Have a super dope week!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"Work is the miracle by which talent is brought to the surface and dreams become reality." - President Hinckley

1. Saying Goodbye to Shaqualia, a soon to be future member of The Church! I'll never get used to goodbyes.

2. Elder Anderson and I enjoying p-day.

3. Elder Cooley surprising me at transfers by taking a selfie! Haha he's a stud, glad he gets to join the Plane Crew!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weekly Email # 98 - That Teaching Pool Tho!


Only in the mission field does a nine day week between p-days feel SO MUCH LONGER than a
7 day week. Haha! But this has been a rather great week surprisingly!

My last weekly email was titled "A Week That Has Changed Me" and since going through this change we have seen quite the progression in our area! Like, people ACTUALLY keep their
appointments, and they're ACTUALLY reading the Book of Mormon AND
praying about it! Like wha???????

Its like, the missionary has to change if he wants his investigators to change as well! I guess it
only took 23 months to figure out πŸ˜‰ Let me stop freaking out. How about I share some highlights?

Umm.... hello?

Are you still with me?

No?? Okay, well, let me continue my tangent 😬 You are in for a treat this week!!! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Monday, after p-day ended, we had a lesson with an older gentleman named Richard at the
church. It was one of the hardest Restoration lessons I've ever taught. Haha! He went
on SO many tangents and we had to keep roping him into the conversation.
Basically at the end, he's only interested in learning is in good standing with God so he doesn't
think he needs to apply our teachings. Gotta love when that happens, right?

Tuesday and Wednesday were simple mixtures of 1-2 lessons and a lot of updating our
area book. This area's teaching pool is the biggest I have ever had as a missionary and its
almost impossible to manage due to how many records there are. So we spent a good chunk of time
visiting people that haven't been updated in a while.

Thursday - Exchanges with Elder Pantuso in his area, the actual Reynoldsburg area! We had an awesome lesson with an investigator of theirs that LOVES deep doctrine. So we made
sure to apply the simple teachings of the Gospel and he really seems to be genuinely interested
in learning more. The rest of the four-five appointments they had scheduled fell through so we were out and about.

Friday, we did a TON of service and weekly planning.

Holy snot, I was so tired.

Saturday was the BIG moment of the week. We had 4 appointments set up. The two in the
morning fell through. One was with a single mom named Shaquailia, who has two primary
aged kids. She called later apologizing that she missed our appointment  but she was still
planning on coming to church the next day! She confirmed her ride with the member as well!

Our afternoon lessons were BOMB! Straight Spirit felt the entire time! One was with a Bible
AND Book of Mormon referral named Angela. She's seen several signs from God recently in
her life to bring her life in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ. She was hesitant about us
coming over, but said in a prayer, "If you want these two strangers to enter my home and share a message that will change my life, than I will allow it." Crazy! She said yes to every commitment
and is excited to meet up with us again! Our other awesome lesson was with Annette.
She's continuing to pray for a baptismal date and committed to coming to church.

Dope sauce.

Sunday. I will try my best to give you my perspective amongst this crazy day. Let me take you back before this day even began!

A member of the Bishopric came up to me a couple Sundays prior and basically said,
"Hey, you're new in the Ward. Want to give a 10 minute talk on Fathers Day about How We Can Honor Our Fathers?" Sure, Bishopric member I've never talked to before! I thought the big bomb
had been dropped until we got a call later two hours later that day from the Elders Quorum President, asking if the "New Guy" (Me) could teach Chapter 11 of the President Hinckley manual on in the last hour of church Fathers Day? Sure, Brother President! Why not? πŸ˜¬πŸ˜“πŸ˜­

So come Sunday, I am sitting on the podium, waiting to give my talk AND for our investigators
to show up. Well, Shaqualia and her two kids come walking in with their ride! And they get BOMBARDED by members! Haha! She was so shocked and surprised and I got a birds eye view of it! So Elder Humphries goes to sit with them and a couple minutes later, Annette comes strolling on through too! Elder Humphries got to man the fort of 4 investigators while I gave my talk!

Annette left right after Sacrament Meeting so we went with Shaqualia to Gospel Principles which was on fasting. (this is important for later on. Are you tired yet from reading about my crazy life??) She went to Relief Society after and I went to go prepare to for my facilitation of the Elders Quorum, which was SUPER nervous about. Well, good news!! They cut the lesson twenty minutes short since they would have a Ward Social for those last 20 minutes of church. So I only had to teach for 8 minutes. πŸ€œπŸ€›πŸ‘

After church we had lunch and decided to go drop off our leftover pie we got from the Fathers Day Social to Shaqualia's. Well that's what we thought we were going to do until, she came outside and told us how much she and her kids LOVED church! We taught the Plan of Salvation and extended
the 29th of July as a baptismal date to her and she said yes before I could finish extending the commitment! WOW!

Well, to make sure this email doesn't take all the time in the world (1hr and a half later), Monday and Tuesday of this week were good days :) there you go. Hahahaha!

Love you all!

Thank you so much for your love and support!
Happy Belated Fathers Day to all those awesome Fathers out there! Especially including my earthly Father, who is like, the coolest person ever. There, I said it :) My dad didn't even force me to say that either! Big props!

Pics to come!!!

Currently waiting to see what my final mission transfer doctrine will be!

Um... So I just got five week shafted.. SO YEAH! Hahahahaha my short
stay in Reynoldsburg is coming to an end! I'll be at transfers tomorrow morning!
I'll send out my new address next Monday! Going to get my 7th area and 13th companion!
The assistants called several companionship's in the mission saying that they would be getting doubled out/ but my transfer is a simple; me leaving, Elder Humphries is staying. Since there are so many missionaries going home this transfer and next transfer, President Daines has had to close several areas down. People speculate its because not that many missionaries are coming out anymore.


1. I'll see you in seven weeks, Chris Pratt

2. District Meeting with the ZL's!

3. Us with Annette this past sunday at church!

Elder Galbraith

The Great OCM
"Work is the miracle by which talent is brought to the surface and
dreams become reality." - President Hinckley

Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekly Email # 97 - A Week That Has Changed Me


This week has been nuts. Lots of moments full of ups and downs! But my testimony has for sure been strengthened this week! Let's get into the deets since I haven't done so in the past couple of weeks.

Several of the people that we found in the past several days had return appointments that we were pretty excited for! Well about i weird 80% of those return appointments fell through. Even though we are teaching a lot and continuously getting new investigators, we have a hard time getting the infamous "2nd lesson". They love talking with us, which is a nice change from my last area, but that return appointment is a killer.

We had a sweet lesson with a lady named Annette! She's an older black lady that is SO FUNNY! We bring Brother Mack with us to her home every Friday because they get along so well and he relates the Gospel to her in simple ways. Haha she's been investigating for several months now and is currently praying for a baptismal date! She's cutting down on the smoking and drinking and will be coming to church this coming Sunday!

We also had a temple trip this past week! The Temple truly is the house of the Lord.

This past Thursday, I got to exchange in good ol' CANAL WINCHESTER! Man, I haven't been here in 19 months!!! I miss it! Nothing is quite like going back to your very first area, it was super nostalgic. Former Elder Bunker and I had a party biking on those 50 mph two lane roads :)

Because of this five week transfer we are in right now, transfers will be next week, which means p-day will be NEXT WEDNESDAY! That means next transfer, I'll be getting transferred home..... what...... wow.

Love you all! Have a great week!


1. The Elder Reynolds selfies are back!

2. The Temple!

3. Chinese food

4. More food. This time, REALLY GOOD chocolate milk that Elder Williams showed me. Now, I'm addicted. So much for 6 months to sexy.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Weekly Email # 96 - The Lord Has A Calling For You To Fulfill


Things have been going well!

The good news is that we found two great families this past week! Neither of them came to church but both are on different levels of progression. They are super cool and we're excited to keep working with them. Tasha and her family, then Phillip and his family.

We have our last Zone Conference with President Daines this Wednesday and it includes a temple trip! Yes! Haven't been to the temple since last September, I am absolutely stoked!

Talk to you all later! Sorry for the lame email. Hope you all have a great week!


1. Book of Mormon Class!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekly Email # 95 - Memorial Weekend

Well, I did tell you that I would email more this week.. but.. I'll have to postpone a longer email another week. Haha

Some of the many memories this week that were made were continuing to work in what several members have told me is, "The most dangerous city in Columbus." Don't worry mom, I haven't gotten mugged or beaten up yet. The missionary reputation around here has actually kept us pretty safe, but its always interesting to see the gangs and the different groups come out towards the latter part of the day.

During church this Sunday, I got to meet President Stamas, who is the father of my soon to be cousin in law! (I'm not sure if that's correct terminology.... but lets go with it :) ) His daughter is marrying my cousin, Matt! Absolutely crazy! I introduced myself to him after Sacrament Meeting and it was one of the funniest exchanges ever! Haha he sounded excited to go down to Utah this weekend for the wedding! Don't worry Matt, I will be the best man in your heart!

We also got to teach Gospel Principles this week and loads of other lessons to several different people. Life is good! No one with a definite baptismal date yet, but the weeks look promising.

Again, sorry, wish this could be longer. I have LOADS more to tell you. Love you ALL! Have a great week!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand." - Confucius


1. The Zoo!!

2. Can you tell how bored I am?

3. Elder Humphries had his birthday last week! Chocolate Costco muffins for the win!

4. Funny District Pic

5. The new District! Elder Chavez, Elder Pantuso, Me, Elder Humphries, Sister Steinagel, Sister Burr

6. The end is the best! It was so crazy! They got up near the glass!

7. That couple, tho!

8. This is an older non member couple that we did service for this week! They were so nice and sincere, but did not have any interest in the Gospel. It was still a neat experience.

9. One of the many fish tanks in the zoo.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Weekly Email # 94 - Maybe Last Area/Maybe Last Comp/Maybe Losing My Marbles

Oh and the zoo! Haha the subject was way to long, so yeah.

Hey ya'll! Today, we went to the Columbus Zoo with the Johnston family and it was super fun! The zoo is a big deal around here, since you can only go once or twice, and I was fortunate enough to get transferred to an area with a family that wanted to take us there!

Oh wait, I got transferred, huh? Yep! Reynoldsburg, Ohio is now my 6th and maybe last area! We are technically known as the Bexley/Whitehall Elders and we serve in one of the ghettos of Columbus! I've loved my time so far in the ghettos so I am excited to maybe end the mission here!

After spending almost a year and a half in the East Stake, I am back down in the South Stake. Man, talk about FOREVER AGO! The good ol' Canal days! I am with my 12th companion and his name is Elder Humphries, who is from Enterprise, Utah! (Somewhere down south :) ) This is a full time car area and I am the designated driver! Driving a 2014 Red Corolla 🀀🀀. Technically, its an "older" missionary car, but I love it! The Corolla's are my favorite cars in the mission and the area that we cover has a lot of one way streets and more crazy Columbus drivers! Haha and the area is CHOCK FULL of people to teach! I am super pumped for these next few weeks!

Wish I could tell you more details, but most of our p-day has been deleted away because of the Columbus Zoo. I will send plenty of pics next week, but I'll leave you with a couple! Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand." - Confucius


1. Saying goodbye to Jeff, a great investigator of ours! One of the many great friends I've made out here!

2 and 3. The Smiths. Man, what a wonderful family. I am so grateful to have spent 7 months with them!

4. The new comp!