Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Email # 104 - End with a Bap.


The last Monday p-day. Weird. Let me catch you up with life! One of the best weeks of the mission!

We've been keeping busy for sure! We found 3 new investigators this week and are excited for them. And we are still teaching some of the the others like Don. We went over to his house this past Thursday to do some firewood and that was fun! Haven't done firewood like that since the good old Mount Vernon days! After doing service, he and his wife fed us lunch. And as we discussed the possibility of him coming to church this Sunday, I brought up the fact that I would be giving a talk and Don was like, "Man, I cannot miss out on this! Poncho giving a talk? (For the record, I still don't know for sure why he calls me poncho, but it works I guess. Haha)"

Before my talk on Sunday though, I got to go to Shaqualia's baptism in Reynoldsburg on Saturday! That is easily one of the top 5 best memories of the mission I will ever have. Even though her baptism was a little shaky with not being on time, the awkward pauses, children screaming, etc., she said she felt a wonderful spirit and was so grateful to be baptized. Well if that didn't warm my heart, I don't know what could. Shaqualia's baptism was the first person that I taught that got baptized in over a year and it feels sooooooooo amazing to know that she has made that commitment to Heavenly Father. I'm richly blessed to have taught her as much as I did. She'll be a wonderful member.

My talk on Sunday was a 10 minute talk on the Holy Ghost/Sharing the Gospel. I did my preparation and apparently, I didn't do enough of it because several members asked sarcastically if I was trunky or not. Hahaha its all good though, most of them were joking and I was grateful to give a talk. I needed to freshen up on my public speaking and I felt like it went pretty well. Plus, they didn't have to lower the podium as much as they have before!! Progress? I think so! Lol

So many other things happened this week but I don't have much time. Zone Conference was an absolute blast! I love President and Sister Stratford more and more every single day. I'm jealous of any missionary that gets to have them longer than myself. So.... all of you. Hahaha

Love you all. Thank you so much. I say it as much as I can so that I never forget to be grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life. How can I fail when there's so many great people in my life? Keep being awesome! I'll be emailing next Wednesday, then anxiously waiting for what is to come! Have a great week!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"Don't just live it. Kill it." - Elder G


1 and 2. GOT EM!!!!

 3. Squuuaaad at Zone Conference. Elder Cox, Elder Miller, Elder Rausch.

4. Mission Pals. Elder Merchant, Elder Anderson, Me, Elder Miller

5. Good ol' Elder Miller

6. Some of the old New Albs squad! Sister McClellan, Me, Elder Miller

7. and 8. Shaqualia's baptism! So proud of her.