Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekly Email # 34 - Ba. Ba. Baptism! Well. Half.

Hello everyone!

Great news! Ashton got baptized this past Saturday! Don't believe me? Ok.

(Elder Blanchard, Matthew Scoresby-Member, Ashton, Me)

I'm so happy for him. He's been wanting to be baptized ever since I first got into the Ward seven weeks ago. He's come a long way. Let me explain.

For Ashton to get baptized, it was MANDATORY that he showed up to Sacrament Meeting on the 20th. Once he did that, he was eligible to be dunked because he had fulfilled all of his other requirements. That morning came around, and it wasn't looking good. We called his mom 3 times at 8:00 am, two hours before Church began, and she wasn't picking up. After our PEC meeting, we rushed on over to his home, knocked as hard as I possibly could three separate times and no success. On the way back to church we called her TWO more times, and still, no one was picking up. We thought we were going to have to postpone his baptism AGAIN.

We showed up 20 minutes before Sacrament meeting just waiting and praying that he will show up. After the longest wait of my life, we sat down and started the meeting with disappointment. We initiated the first hymn before the opening prayer and as we were singing, I heard, "PHEW, WE MADE IT!"

There is Ashton! To make a long story short, he had heard us knocking persistently and woke up his mom to take him and a couple of his siblings to Church. This family has been less active ever since they joined the Church and for them to have only 30 minutes to rush to church and make it on time, was an absolute miracle.

But wait there's more.

Ashton passed his baptismal interview a few days prior to his baptism. Transfers came the day after the interview, and Elder Isom got transferred to the opposite side of the mission in Bellefontaine. Elder Blanchard and I got to teach Ashton's final lesson and he was super excited.

Saturday came around and as people were filing into the Relief Society room and Ashton was nowhere to be found. 4:00 pm came and his mom texts, saying they just got home with all his stuff and refreshments and stuff like that. She ended up coming with Ashton 25 MINUTES late. I was so stressed out, it was unreal. He got baptized though, and he was pumped to be confirmed the next day.

Well. The next day came. Sister Stahle (Ashton's mom), texts and said they woke up an hour before sacrament meeting was to start. This was the first time she had ever woken up this early. And texts!

Sacrament meeting started, and the Stahle's were nowhere to be found. They showed up a minute before the CLOSING HYMN. Ugh. So now he won't be able to be confirmed a member  until the week after General Conference. Other people's agency is the best :)

It's been a crazy week. That's why I'll end here because i gotta email all you crazy people back. Thank you all for the Easter wishes. I hope yours was as great as mine was! General Conference is this weekend and I'm so excited for it. Take notes! And read them again and again. You know I'll be doing that!


Elder Galbraith

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