Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weekly Email # 15 - Starting Over Again

For the 15th time, hello everybody!

So there's been some changes..

I got transferred for the first time last Thursday. When I received the news that I'd be leaving and Elder Bunker would be staying in Canal Winchester, it hit me really hard. I didn't want to leave Canal. Haha! Like I've said a million times already, that ward is freaking spectacular! I'm sad to be gone, but at least I'm not too far away in my second area.

Ladies and Gentleman, I'm in the realms of a new arena. Yep. The famous metropolis known as Marble Cliff...... Yes, I too can hear the crickets in the background.

This area is a neighboring town of Canal Winchester, about 15'ish minutes away from it. Here are some of the Pros.

- Nice Ward! Not as nice as Canal, but the people are so friendly and loving, I can't possibly say anything bad about them. Yet.
- This is the only area, other than on campus, that missionaries get to serve in downtown! We went into Columbus yesterday after church and it was cool to be able to take all the sights in! I can't wait to go back soon!
- This is a FULL TIME CAR AREA!!!! YES!! No more biking down 60 mph roads in the down pouring rain for the next 5 weeks! The Lord truly answers our prayers. The church is true.
- We got Wifi from a neighbor so that means we don't have to McDonald's every morning to check our emails!
- We go to the Stake Center that is sitting side by side to the Temple! So the three meetings we have throughout the week means I get to see the temple that many times! I'm so glad!
-New Companion! Yes I'm sad to be leaving Elder Bunker but I'm excited for this new companionship!

My companions name is Elder Liu (pronounced Loo)! He is twenty six years old, the oldest missionary in the Columbus mission! He's from China (who could have guessed) and he's the same height as me! He became a member of the Church 4 years ago and decided to go on a mission. He's been out for 6 months and he's quite the stereotypical Chinese man. He makes me laugh and he's the hardest working missionary I've been around yet. These next 5 weeks will be good! He's basically the Chinese version of my dad. Hahaha!

Since he and his family are from China, it's hard for them to send him packages and letters due to the expense. He is the only person from his family that is a member from the church so they don't understand how to communicate with missionaries.

I was thinking you all could send him some emails this Thanksgiving. He doesn't know I'm doing this. It doesn't have to be a long email but I'm sure he will appreciate any remarks you give him. Like I mentioned before, it was hard for me to leave Canal, but he helped me feel comfortable and he's helped me out so much in the four days I've known him. He's a great example to me and I feel bad that while I'm emailing family and friends that he is not.

His email is

Thank you all for your love. This has definitely been the hardest week of my mission so far due to everything that has been happening. I've been trying to get used to change and it's been getting better, as long as I continue to rely on the Lord. Oh and your emails and letters are great too :)


Hey bro. One more thing. I have an assignment for you. Read the talk,
"The Question of a Mission" by Gordon B. Hinckley. It's an awesome
talk, I know you'll like it. For me it helps to listen to the talk
rather than read it.

Have a good week bud!

Elder G

Shout out to Aimee Boshard for the sweet new tie! I HAD to go and get
Taco Bell and celebrate. Let's hope I don't spill any Cool Ranch Taco
on it! Keep me in your prayers! Love you all!

Last day with Elder Bunker

Me and Elder Liu. After we are done with planning, every night he pulls out his 'victory cigars' to celebrate a hard working day. Don't worry, it's only a vanilla wafer roll. They are DELICIOUS!

GAY Street???

I'm gonna miss this crazy family. The saying is true that you create relationships
and memories with people that will last forever when you go on a mission.