Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Email #27 - Well.. That escalated quickly.

THE NIGHT BEFORE TRANSFERS. After already being confirmed to stay in Marble Cliff. Approximately 8:58 pm.

President : Hello, is this Elder Galbraith?
Elder G : Yes it is! How are you, President?
President : Good. Good. Well, I am sorry to inform you so late but I need to make a change.
Would you be willing to be transferred?
Elder G : Oh... Um sure. I can do that.
President : Okay awesome. Again sorry but this change needed to be done.
You better get packing. Have a good night Elder, thanks for all you do.
Elder G : ... No problem.

So Yeah! Haha I am currently in Mount Vernon right now, which is an hour and a half
North East from Downtown Columbus. Along with all this change, I received a new
companion. His name is Elder Isom and he's freaking awesome! He's a very chill Elder but we get crap done! He's been out for 13 months and he's from Seattle, Washington. (Seahawks fan. I feel sorry for him.) He's also a Ute fan.... I know you're reading this Elder Orlandi, you would love this guy. Haha. We get along really well and things are looking up in this new area of mine.

Elder Isom and I. We were told by a family at our dinner appointment that
he looked like someone off Harry Potter and I looked
like David 
Archuleta.... Never been told that one before. Haha

Just this past weekend, Elder Isom and his previous companion baptized a lady named Roxie
and she's great! She was one of the first people I met when I got out here last Thursday and
she's totally enveloped in the Gospel right now. We are working on getting her temple recommend
and her patriarchal blessing, because she has wanted both of them ever since she committed to baptism. Plus the Ward has done an awesome job in fellow-shipping her which is even more awesome!

The Ward is awesome!  The Ward boundaries included Amish country, which first of all,
scared me a lot for some weird reason. But I was able to meet quite a few recent converts
who were previously Amish and they are so great! I'll send pictures in these next couple
weeks of these families when we go over to eat. I've never had Amish food so I'm freaking excited!

If you didn't know, if you become a member of the Amish community/church and then you
leave for a different Church, you are shunned and never allowed to talk to other people of that
group ever again. It's crazy.. It's amazing how much they have sacrificed to become Mormons and they still cling to their Amish roots which is freaking great! Local Ward members always talk about how great the Amish converts are, because of the sense of unity they bring. They show up in horses and buggies to Church and take them everywhere they go. Oh and they have freaking sick beards and top hats. I think I'm going to like this place!

All in all, this shocking change was definitely unexpected. But I know that President is surely inspired to send me here. Maybe I was getting too comfortable in Marble Cliff. Though I'll miss the large skyscrapers, crazy downtown and such, it's good to know I'm in good company over here in Mount Vernon. Let's see how much I like country town!

Love and miss you all! Have a splendid week!

Elder G

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