Friday, February 5, 2016

Weekly Email # 26 - Wait. Football Seasons over?

Hello everyone!

It's been an interesting week that's for sure. To start off, Elder Liu
got sick with uncomfortable stomach pains at the end of our P-Day last
Monday and it has stayed with him ever since. We were able to start
going out starting the following Wednesday but it was hard because you
could tell he was still struggling.

You can say that we hit a wall this past week. Our success was very
limited but we were still able to do a lot of missionary work and get
Greg to church for the 2nd time in a row! Oh, I haven't talked about
Greg yet.

Greg is freaking awesome. We found him through the Church referral
system and saw that he requested a Bible. We dropped off the Bible to
him that night and the first thing he said when we handed him the
Bible was, "Thank you so much. I've been wanting to get back into
Church. Do you guys know of a local church around here? I want to get
baptized." Elder Liu and exchanged quick glances, we couldn't believe
it! We talked to Greg about the Restoration and he said he can
"totally dig" Joseph Smith having his First Vision experience.

We have been meeting with him frequently ever since and like I said
before, he has come to Church twice! The only thing that is stopping
him from getting baptized in the next couple of weeks is that since he
has committed a "serious sin" in the past, he needs to be interviewed
by my mission president or one of his counsellors and in one of the
questions they will ask him, they will ask if he understands all the
missionary lessons. So we will have to teach him all the lessons
before we can give him a baptismal date, which stinks.

It would stink even more if Elder Liu and/or I were leaving tomorrow,
but it turns out that we are both staying! I'm still junior companion,
but Elder Liu has become District Leader now! He's so happy and
excited. (Intense Sarcasm).

UPDATE!!! - Conner ended up getting
transferred to Mount Vernon (Amish country).

If you didn't know, Elder Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve issued the
statement that we will no longer have transfer meetings as
missionaries. This means that President Daines has created a
checkpoint map for us when we get transferred to different areas. This
kinda stinks because transfer meetings are awesome! It's always neat
to see the new missionaries that are arriving and to hear the
departing missionaries testimonies. That's one of the many things you
learn to deal with. Change.

That's it for this week. Love you all!

Elder G

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Us with Crystal Fischer and her son, Anthony. 
She's a recent convert and she's awesome!

Chris, me and Elder Liu. 
(He goes to OSU. Friend of Crystals. Recent Convert of two years ago.)
 Dinner at Sister Fischer's home.

We gave this lady a free Bible she requested and we got
 a return appointment with her to talk about the Book of Mormon. 
We came back and this was outside her front door.
"No Mormons Please"
Well, at least she said please. 

Us and the Chens. 
Let's see if I can get all their names right. 
From Top to Bottom: Bailey, Grace, Zochi, Brighton,
Elder Liu, Bro. Chen, Amelia, Elise, Me. 
No, Elder Liu did not help me out... 
Okay, he helped a little bit.

A little friend I almost stepped on while getting out of the shower.