Thursday, February 25, 2016

Weekly email #29 -Amish CookIn and Chili Cook off

Hey everyone! It's been an interesting week. I've been working a lot on working out in the morning because I STRUGGLE with that. But lately, we have been able to go to the Church and play ball with the other Mount Vernon Elders and it's been fun! From the pictures I will send you can tell I'm the best player on the court (not).

It's kinda freaking crazy that I've been out for almost 7 months. The saying, "months feel like days and days feel like months" is totally true out here. It's weird seeing how many new missionaries are coming out, and they are considering me to be one of the "older and much more wiser" ones. Yet, I'm still like one of the shortest out here. What the heck?!?!

The Mount Vernon Ward had a Chili Cook off this past Saturday, and us four Elders were volunteered as judges to decide who had the hottest chili, the weirdest chili, and the tastiest chili. It was surprising because they take it so seriously out here. We were seated in the primary room by ourselves with a tally sheet for us to keep track of how each unique type of Chili tasted, smelled, looked, and tasted like AFTER eating it. It was insane! Elder Leavitt, one of the other Elders
in this Ward, was having the Ohio flu at the time and was instructed by Sister Daines to, "not eat the Chili. You will hate yourself." Though bummed, he watched us eat without him. I didn't know Chili can come in so many different colors and spices! Someone put a ghost pepper in one of them. Let's just say I made sure that one was going to lose.

The Amish Converts in the Ward held an auction to help raise money for the Young Women in the Ward. They sold Amish products, baked goods and much more! It was awesome. I'm surprised that every ward that I've been in so far has been freaking great!

As for the work, it's been going well. We have a nine year old investigator that is apart of a less active family. Though he and his family came RIGHT AFTER Sacrament yesterday, he is still showing
progress and we are excited to be baptizing him the 19th of March.

Shortly written email today, but I'll be sending pictures. Stay tuned!

Love you all!

Elder G

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Ready to begin.

These bring back childhood memories!

The auction that was taking place.

A couple of my Amish friends. The youth in this Ward are the hardest working people ever.

This is the Hostetlers' woodshop. They are an Amish family in the Ward. 
Family of 17 to be exact.

The center of Ohio!