Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Weekly Email # 37 - Service. Lots of it.


This weeks been crazy in terms of service and helping out others. I
know Elder Blanchard and I have done at least 18 hours of service
since last Monday. On top of that, we are planned on doing even more
this week! So pumped. And it's gotten to 84 degrees as of yesterday,
so I've gotten a little bit of a tan and some additional muscle!

Just yesterday, actually, half of the mission went down to OSU campus
to plant 400 trees! It was a ton of work to get done in three hours
and I was surprised that we finished in only two hours! I'll be sure
to send pictures once President and Sister Daines get them out to us

We have a baptism this Saturday! His names Zayden, who just recently
turned 8. He lives his grandma who's a member. This is a very special
case scenario because his father was a member who passed away and his
mom is not a member. We talked to President Daines about whether or
not this would be a convert baptism and if he needs to take the
missionary lessons. President took this situation to Salt Lake and
told us to not teach him.

A few days later, he gives us a call and apologizes and says he is
actually a convert baptism and he needs to take the lessons. Haha so
in only a week and a half, we have taught him four out of the five
lessons so he can be baptized this Saturday. Our first lesson
consisted of the first three lessons and ALL of their principles. So
we basically taught the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, and the
Gospel of Jesus Christ in 45 minutes. Not too shabby :) he's a great
kid, and I'm excited for this weekend.

This will be a short email, so I'll send some pictures to make up for
the lack of words.

Love you all!

Elder G

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This is in Newark, Ohio. A golf course was made on top of these Indian
burial mounds. I've been told they might come from those crazy

Nephites and Lamanites.  Don't know for sure.

Some good ol' fishin

Stahle family and missionaries