Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekly Email # 38 - Baptize all the children!

Hey Ya'll :)

Zayden got baptized this past Saturday. Cool story with him. He just turned 8 a few months ago, and he goes to church actively with his grandma. His father was a member who passed away a few years ago, and his mom is not a member. He's got an eagerness for the Gospel, which is something you don't see too often in youth or younger members. I know when I was his age that I didn't enjoy and envelope Church or anything that was a branch of it. I mentioned all of this and more last week, but I just think it's really good for him to receive these lessons so that he can look back on this experience as he grows up. He's going to be a very strong youth. Man, I sound like an old fart.

Clothing Update - 85% of my stuff remains in tact... I don't want to talk about the other 15%. Haha nothing is quite like shopping at Good Will's or Salvation Army or Dollar Tree. There are a few Nordstrom Racks in the mission so whenever we go on a temple trip or something, we find ways to make.. detours to get to those places :) #penguinties

Weather Update - Absolutely awesome right now. Mid 50's to 60's this past week and a half. I think we are going to celebrate and do some fishing this morning!

Investigator update - With the Mount Vernon area having boundary changes in a couple of weeks, most likely 40-50 percent of our investigators will go to other missionaries. It stinks but it helps us out a lot because we have the 3rd or 4th biggest area in the whole mission. That's a lot for two companionship's.

We are working with a man who lives in the south west part of our area. It's a 50 mile round trip every time we go and visit Dimito. But he's awesome. He's recovering from a gambling addiction and wants the best for him and his family. We told him we got the best thing he could ever want and that really sparked his interest! Haha he's committed to coming to church with his family next Sunday and he's reading the Book of Mormon on a regular basis.

I'm sorry I don't go into too much detail with these emails. Emails just simply can't get the story across as much as I would like it to. There will be ALOT stories to tell when departures come around.

Have a fantastic week! Here's a cool quote I read the other day.

"Prayer keeps us ever mindful of our dependence on God. It is so easy to forget our present blessings as we pursue new blessings. In our Church meetings we recount our own blessings, and as we hear the blessing of others, we both feel and see the accumulations of affection from God to his people." - Neal A Maxwell

Elder Galbraith

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