Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Weekly Email # 39 - 9 months!!

Holy Moly, I'm not a greenie anymore.

Wassup! Another week in the books for Mount Vernon. And with transfers being tomorrow, it turns out I will be staying in Mount Vernon for another 6 weeks. 

I hit my nine month mark tomorrow.. I can't use the, "I'm too young for this question" response at Zone Training Meetings anymore. Haha not that I did anyways.... :) But really though, the amount of studying and knowledge I have accumulated over these last 273 days has been an eye opener.

Something that has really intrigued me is my study of modern day apostles and prophets. I didn't realized how freaking awesome Church history is. I'm hooked more than most of you are on Facebook, Netflix and Instagram combined! I love seeing how these messengers of God live their lives, especially when they were around my age. I marvel at all the stories they gather together after their periods of time on Earth. I've certainly been intrigued with President Woodruff and his journal writings. Just the fact that after joining the Church, he NEVER missed a day of writing in his journal after that. Simply amazing. I'm sure some of you have read this experience from Wilford Woodruff when he was serving as a missionary in England, but I can't help and not share it with you.

“I will here relate what took place in my own experience. I was in Staffordshire in the year 1840. I was in the town of Stanley and held a meeting in the City Hall. I had a week’s appointments out in that town. Before I rose to speak to the people, the Spirit of the Lord said to me, ‘This is the last meeting you will hold with this people for many days.’ I told the congregation when I arose what the Spirit of the Lord had manifested to me. They were as much surprised as I was. I did not know what the Lord wanted, but I saw the purpose of God afterwards. The Spirit of the Lord said to me, ‘Go south.’ I traveled eighty miles; went into the south of England. As soon as I arrived, I met John Benbow. It was clearly made manifest to me why I had been called thither. I had left a good field, where I was baptizing every night in the week. When I got to this place, I found a people--some 600 of them--who had … formed themselves into a sect called the United Brethren. I found that they were praying for light and truth and that they had gone about as far as they could go. I saw that the Lord had sent me to them. I went to work amongst them and ultimately baptized their superintendent, forty preachers and some 600 members. …
Altogether some 1800 were baptized in that field of labor. … I name these things to show how we have to be governed and led by the revelations of God day by day. Without this we can do nothing”
-Wilford Woodruff

Sweet, huh?! The mission has helped me understand a lot of the doctrine of the Church and I'm excited for the many personal studies to come!

Investigator Update - Dimito came to church this past Sunday! He enjoyed it, he was sorta quiet but said he'd like to come back with his family, which is exactly what we wanted. We are going to extend a baptismal date this week and hopefully he will continue to progress. Also, April and Vicky, two of our investigators, accepted a date for the 28th of May. They have a couple concerns that are... Well.. Concerning. Haha but we have faith they can push through them. We received a couple of referrals from other missionaries in different areas and these people they were teaching are very promising so I'm excited for the future. Plus, the Ward has expressed their support and has aided us quite a bit!

That's it for me this week! Can't wait to Skype the family!

Elder Galbraith

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