Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekly Email # 48 - End of Month Grind / 11 months

You know, I think our mission is one of the few missions that don't
move their P-Days whenever a holiday is on Monday. But regardless....

HAPPY FOURTH!!! There's nothing quite like your neighbors lighting off illegal fireworks at 1 in the morning. And then on top of that, having a drunken fist fight between two neighbors who were aiming Roman Candles at each other. (who hasn't done that?). That's how I'm anticipating these next few days to go by, but how about this past week?

Well. It didn't really go according to plan. That's both good and bad. It was good because we had some empty days and those ended up getting filled in with service with members, tracting sessions, a few lessons, stuff like that. I think there were more than 10+ blessings given this week by Elder Larsen and I alone. Which is good for me because I think I've finally, after spending almost 11 months in the field, have memorized the anointing prayer haha slowly but surely.

Onto the bad news. You know all those return appointments that I was telling you all about last week? Yeah, there was 7 of them. Do you know how many of those happened? 1. How would I rate that lesson out of 10? 2. Haha we were kinda disappointed in that regard. Hopefully this coming week we'll be able to actual get inside their doors.

And because of those missed appointments, we had only 80 miles left to spare for 4 days, when we usually average 40 miles a day. If you can do that math, you know that we were in some deep doo doo. Thankfully, the senior couple serving around our area was able to help us out over those coming days and we ended up having about 6.5 miles left to spare.

This fast and testimony meeting was really awesome yesterday. You would think this testimony meeting would be all about patriotism, but it was not only that. I've never seen so many people bear so many short testimonies. It was really cool to see and you could feel the spirit, for sure.

It's a shame it's going to rain today during the 4th, but I hope you all have a wonderful firework session! Wish I could. Haha but I hope you do! Have a great week, love you all! Pics Below.

Elder G

Dinner with Edwin, a local member, and Sarah our investigator! 
She got us Five Guys because it's out of our area and she's, like, the best. Twas delicious!