Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekly Email # 50 - Elder Jones # 2

Hello, hello!

Short email this week but I'll share some of the many important highlights.

- Sarah got baptized! I didn't drown her! Haha phew! That was kinda nerve wracking but it was such a blessing to do so. It passed by so quick. It's hard to believe she'll be attending the Polaris Ward now,
which is about an hour away from Mt. Vernon. I'm happy for her, and I'm excited to see her progress and receive all the blessings the Gospel has to offer.

- Last Tuesday, President Daines called us up, and told us we have a new companion to pick up! So I've been in my first trio for six days now! My new companions name is Elder Jones. For those that are obsessed with my adventures out in Ohio, you know at I had an MTC companion also named Elder Jones, but this is not him. It's a different specimen!

This Elder Jones has been out for only 9 weeks, finishing up his training.  Elder Larsen is going to train him, which means I'm just the middle man. Haha it's been a crazy past week.
If I had to compare anyone to Elder Jones, it would be my cousin Kai. He loves video games, quotes movies and again, MORE video games, and is very smart. Very methodical in his thinking, but is working on his communication skills (this is me trying to sound like I know what I'm
talking about).

Wish I could report on more, but just simply don't have enough time. Love you all! Enjoy your summer before it ends!

Pics below.

Elder Galbraith

                                   Cleaned up the Subi. This is definitely my favorite mission car!

........ My attempt at a flagpole....

Me, Elder Larsen, Elder Jones. The Trioship has begun.

When President wants to let you know you're going to be in a trio.