Friday, July 29, 2016

Weekly Email # 51 - Transfer News

Hello Everyone!

Just got the news that after spending a great six months in Mount Vernon that I will be transferred out. I might have a possibility of going to Fredericktown, which is being white washed (white washed
means being opened up to missionaries) and it is in the Mount Vernon area, but I honestly have no idea where I'm going until tomorrow morning! I'll be sure to let ya know. I don't know whether I will
continue to be junior companion or move to a different position.

A lot of memories, friendships and stories have been created these past six months. It's always hard leaving an area, but it's going to be difficult leaving this place. I wish I could tell everyone in the
Ward thank you for what they did for me. There's nothing quite like leaving a part of your heart and soul in an area and I will greatly miss it all.

Gotta get packing! I'll leave some photos and I'll catch up with you all next Monday.

Love you all.

Elder Galbraith

When park contacting doesn't yield success. We make it successful.

Deuces, Mt. Vernon. I'll miss you.

Zone Activity. Great group of Elders and Sisters. Love creating these type of memories.