Friday, August 19, 2016

Weekly Email # 54 - Rain Rain Go Away


Ever since last P-day, five out of the past seven days have been very
muggy and rainy! There is continuous fog when it gets towards the
evening time, so your windshield wipers need to be going 24/7, not
just from the infinite amount of rain but from the humidity fogging up
the windshield. Haha I guess these wipers show a double purpose out
here in Ohio. It doesn't help that Zanesville is basically on sea
level and right by the Great Lakes. (I can't imagine how Elder
Brockbank is doing since he's way more north than me! Shout out,

Some cool things coming up! We have exchanges with the Zone Leaders,
Zone Conferences and a Mission Activity all happening within the
coming week and I'm excited! It's always nice to have a change of pace
out in the field and to receive as much training as we have gone
through, recently. So that reminds me, since the Mission Activity will
be next Tuesday, that means our P-Day will be in conjunction with that
day. That means I won't have much time, if at all, to send individual
emails. I'll be lucky if I get my weekly email done haha since we'll
be at this mission activity for 6 of our 8 P-Day hours.

It's been a rather slow week in the work. The investigators we have
been working with have become stagnant, so we've been probing them to
experience the joys of the Gospel! Problem with probing though. They
haven't learned much from it all so it's time to "bring the the Holy
Ghost UNTO the hearts of the people" as David A Bednar said. Not only
that, but our Area is south Zanesville which consists of hoodlums,
major ghettos, quite a bit of poverty and much more. There hasn't been
much success from the recent missionaries that have been here so it's
time to start dunking some people!

It's been said that "Jesus chooses workers and Satan chooses idlers."
That's definitely evident, especially when investigators are fence
walking between talking about changing and actually making those
changes. There's a lot of people I've met that talk about this great
need for change in the world. We need to change our political views,
we need better leaders, we need this, we need that and it's really
frustrating to listen to, honestly. Haha I find myself praying for
patience in lessons with investigators because they spend such a long
time venting about how life sucks, yet they don't see how they can
make a difference. Of course, that's what get missionaries excited is
because we know the Gospel can improve their life so much, if they
would only heed to the promptings of the spirit. Agency is annoying
sometimes. Haha but it's all good. There's my vent session for the
week :)

One thing I've forgotten to mention! We recently got dropped by, who
we think is, Kevin Martin's grandma! Who is Kevin Martin, you ask? And
why am I so excited about getting dropped by someone? Well for anyone
that is avid watcher of the NBA knows Kevin Martin plays professional
basketball! (For the Spurs, I think. Thanks for the update Graham.
Haha) Kevin is from Zanesville and has a house a few miles away from
our apartment! Elder Hatch told me he and his former companion and
past missionaries have visited Kevin's home, but of course, it's
gated. We will definitely be visiting there soon. Haha

Anyways, back to his Grandma! Elder Hatch expressed his skepticism
about teaching her the Gospel because he's tried multiple times
already. So we pulled up to her home and she was just sitting on her
front porch. As we approached, I said hello to her and she said, "Now
you stop right there. There's no point in talking to me. I'm good with
where I'm at. Thank you, have a blessed day." Now of course, I was
very disappointed by this result and I really wanted to ask if she was
truly Kevin Martin's grandma, but I couldn't muster up the courage.
Haha but to boost my self confidence, I'm just going to blindly
believe she's related to Kevin. Don't judge. Haha

Boyd K. Packer mentioned this in a talk that I read recently and I
whole heartedly agree. "  A  prime  attribute  of  a  good  leader  is
to  be  a  good  follower." I hope to be a continuous good leader by
being the best follower of Jesus Christ that I can be. Hope you all
have a great week! Just one picture this week. Will try to get more in
the future!

Elder Galbraith

Shout out to Shannon Gill for making me some Filipino food! Chicken
Adobo and Pansit! Yum yum!