Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weekly Email # 56 - Elder Gabby

Greetings from Elder Galb........ Well..... Okay, I guess it's not Galbraith.

It has been brought to my attention that there is some difficulty with
saying my last name. Mostly everyone that I have introduced myself to
in my past few areas always say, "Hm.. Is it GalBreath or GalbRAIth or
Galsbreath or....?" I didn't realize how insurmountably impossible it
is to say my name. And it's not just members, it's investigators too!
I didn't realize how universal of a problem this was. Haha

Well let's bring it back a little bit. A recent convert named Jim
Marquis (Hey Jim. Look! You made it onto the weekly email! I'm so
proud of you!) drove Elder Hatch and I back to Zanesville from our
recent transfer meeting four weeks ago. Jim is awesome. He's Elders
Quorum Secretary after only being a member for 9 ish months and has
really grabbed a hold of the Gospel. Anyways, he asks me the
traditional question

"So what's your last name, Elder?"
"It is Galbraith. Elder Galbraith"
(Long Pause) Jim looks at my comp and my comp starts laughing
"You know I am never going to remember that. Lets call you.... (8 second pause)

So I'm thinking, okay, that's fine, if he wants to. Haha it wouldn't
be the first time someone called me this name. (Shoutout Bry and Don).
Fast forward to yesterday to Elders Quorum in the third hour. Jim is
teaching a great lesson and I forget the rest of the context of the
situation, but I just remember him saying, "No. His name is Elder
Gabby. That is how he is known to EVERYONE!" Well everyone in Elders
Quorum really enjoyed that, especially Brother Morgan, who said, "I
like that!" Haha so I guess it's official. It's Elder Gabby! :)

Investigator Update: We learned a lot from our investigators this
week. As we have been teaching them, we have neglected the fact how
investigators always feel awkward when they are invited to attend a
congregation that they don't know a single person. So our goal this
week is to get more member present lessons and do some chapel tours to
help them get comfortable! Bryan and Whitney I am excited about. Bryan
said yes to being baptized, now the key thing will be getting Whitney
to open up about how she feels and helping her feel the Spirit. With
their crazy work schedules, however, it's going to be more difficult
than usual.

I've been enjoying my mission time more and more, especially when I
have fellowship with another great Ward who is willing to help out
with any type of missionary work possible. Hopefully this will
continue as we try and get some people with baptismal dates soon!

Sorry haven't had much time to do a sufficient amount of time
emailing. I'm sorry to those who write and haven't got a response
back. I look forward to replying back ASAP. Next week is transfers so
expect an email from me on Wednesday! Love you all! Thank you for your
uplifting words and pictures! Talk about motivation! :) Here is some

Elder Gabby

Brother Stouts' Gourd room!

Up close pictures of the Gourds. 
The pictures don't do them justice, but know that they are awesome! 
He buys the Gourds and imports them from India!
 (I might have that wrong) 
then, he bedazzles them and they look freaking fantastic!

 Us having a deep doctrine discussion after a deliciously filling meal!

Fancy Recliner/Massage chair that Brother Williams got for his wife. 
After eating dinner, I couldn't resist asking if I could.... "Test it out".
Hahaha it passed. 
With an A+ :)

Hot. Hot. HOT!