Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekly Email # 58 - Building A Sure Foundation

I'm not District Leader this transfer! Phew, it might happen with the next couple transfers though, which gives me ample time to prepare :)

Hello Everyone!

Update on the Work. It's been another productive week, even with me coming down with a sickness on Wednesday and Elder Hatch getting sick on Saturday until now. He's currently still recovering so our efforts have been limited but still effective. We still don't have any progressing investigators, however there are a few that are pretty close, ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS COME TO CHURCH. Holy moly. I cannot tell you how annoying that can be sometimes. Haha of course, not everyone is going to accept the Gospel and accept the invitation to come to church, but when 60% of your investigators answer you yes to both, you would think that would mean they're going to keep their commitments. In my last area, if they told you yes, they would be there. But in Zanesville, if they tell you yes, it's like a half no. Haha so this coming week, we'll be preparing our investigators more as they learn how to make covenants and commitments.

Wow, I had this whole schpeel that was prepared for this weekly email, but the temple trip we had today took SO LONG. Don't get me wrong though, this was the best temple session yet! So many questions I had that were answered! I guess, however that's what happens when you make a brief visit to Cane's :). Dualy noted. So that means you will receive a longer email from me next Monday. I look forward to that day because it'll be the first normal p-day we've had in a while. (Cross fingers. Knock on Wood.)

Love and miss you all. Sorry for brief email. Yes I have to procrastinate the day of my repentance but it'll happen! Have a great week!

Elder Galbraith


1 and 2. Okay don't judge... I really did think this was a Tesla parked outside our local Chipotle (I can totally see that you're judging) and I got really really excited.  Elder Hatch took the picture and as we were walking inside, I looked at it, and realized that I had taken a picture with a Mazzarati (don't judge the spelling either.. Okay you get the point.) You don't see too many cool cars out here in Zanesville. And I'm not a car guy..... Still a cool moment. Haha

3. It don't matter, tho. I got my Chipotle. 👊🙏

4. Zone Picture of us at the temple today. Sorry mom.
Tried smiling, but the sun was not my friend today.