Thursday, December 8, 2016

Weekly Email # 70 - Personifying Positivity and Seeking Christmas Cheer!

Happy Five-Days-Stretch-Since-Last-P-Day!

How's the Christmas Initiative going? Hope you have been able to see those awesome blessings. Its been going good for us! With Elder Young making his rather quick departure, we've continued where him and I last left off. Jonathan wasn't able to make it to church, but he's working towards getting to church this coming week. We continue to walk around since my bike is out of commission. Haha I don't mind walking around, its good to get those steps in every day :)

I got my new companion on Thursday! My 11th companions name is Elder Reynolds and he's from Salt Lake City, the Holiday area more specifically. He's been out 9 months and he's actually considered the senior companion in our companionship! Haha thats what the transfer board says at least. He doesn't want to be, so we consider both of ourselves senior companions.

Friday, we weekly planned which took up a majority of our day. Me being here for only three weeks and him only being here a day contributed to that EXTREMELY long weekly planning session. Haha but afterwards, we went to our Ward Christmas Party which was awesome! The day before, we helped set it up and it looked fantastic! The party had a jingle and mingle theme to it, because of the fact that this ward is a combination of 4 different Wards due to several Stake Boundary changes that happened about a month or so ago. After everyone ate dinner, we all received a piece of paper that instructed us to find people in the Ward that fit different qualifications and stuff! So we had to find out what the Young Women's Presidents middle name was, who's the oldest member in the Ward, etc. it was pretty fun!

Saturday, we were out and about all day sharing the Christmas video with everyone. We had some success stories and others didn't seem to have that Christmas cheer about them and made it up in their minds they weren't going to talk to us. Afterwards, we went to our weekly Ward Coordination Meeting with Brother and Sister Peterson. They are awesome! They are the ones helping me out with my broken bike situation. They're just the best. Haha

Been a busy day. So I'm going to leave you with some pics!  Elder Reynolds loves using his camera so you will see a lot of selfies in the next several weeks! Don't get sick of me, please! Hahaha love you all! Continue to have a great Holiday Season!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM

"Feeling Gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." - President Thomas S. Monson


1. Us serving at My Very Own Blanket. We are sowing batting together.. two weeks ago, I couldn't even tell you what batting was. Haha

2. Decorating the New Albany Christmas Party!

3. Me talking on the phone with one of our investigators that TAKES FOREVER to spit his words out. So we made weird faces as he was doing so.