Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Weekly Email # 72 - Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings To Come

First off, make sure you read the subject line in a positive light,
otherwise it sounds like I'm complaining. Haha

At the beginning of the mission, I could tell you very easily and
simply that meetings made me uncomfortable and I found them very
boring. I think just recently, I've gained a love for the multiple
meetings we have every transfer. For those who may or may not know,
every transfer from now on consists of a Zone Training Meeting, a Zone
Conference, and an interview with President. EVERY TRANSFER! I was
reluctant to like it at first, but I like joining together as a
mission more, especially since it has become a rarity lately.

But this Zone Conference was great. I'm sure President Daines goal for
the meeting was to help us gain a much better understanding of the
Atonement and it definitely did. It's such a neat concept to think
about. An Advocate, a Full Redeemer, A Friend. And even better, it is
more important to apply it every day to our lives so that we can
actually experience it and gain a more full appreciation for our
Savior. This training was very timely as I've been thinking about the
who, what, when, where, and whys of Christmas.

A couple days later, Elder Reynolds and I went on exchanges the entire
day to..... THE Ohio State University! Our Zone Leaders work over
there and led the exchange as we walked around campus all day. Elder
McMullin, my temporary companion, and I had to purchase hand warmers
because with the wind chill, it hit 2 degrees on us! Yikes! Haha it
was so fun though, we talked to A TON of people and ended up having an
awesomely remarkable lesson with a funny Muslim named Zane! Sadly,
they won't meet up with him again until after Christmas Break due to
him and basically most of the students leaving campus until the new
semester starts.

As we were heading home from the university, we were playing this
missionary game where you kick a small object in between your
companions legs while your walking to score goals. So you can imagine
how seriously we took this when all four of us took a 25 minute walk
home. During the walk, Elder Bangerter scored on me from the other
side of the street, totally destroying all of my self confidence. So I
was determined to get him back. As I went to kick a piece of snow
REALLY HARD, it occurred to me too late that that patch of snow I
wanted to kick had COMPLETELY solidified to the ground. So I slipped.
On my face. I laid there in embarrassment for a few seconds. I felt
like one of the robbers from Home Alone. Haha the other Elders had a
great laugh.... those suckers.

BUT GUESS WHAT??? The SAME thing happened yesterday. Haha no joke. In
Ohio, it goes from freezing cold to warm enough to let it snow and
rain, which causes all that stuff to freeze to the ground. Going along
with that, our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Peterson, pulled up
outside our apartment to pick us up early for church so we could help
lay salt around the chapel. As we step off the sidewalk into the road,
I hit not one, but two black ice spots! I recovered from the first one
fairly nicely, but the second one crept up on me and my butt kissed
the ground VERY hard. Haha and to make matters worse, Elder Reynolds
STOOD THERE AND LAUGHED! Haha what a chump. Brother Peterson had a
good time with that. As you can see, the Ohio weather will be against
me for the next few months!

Our progress is slow with investigators. You'd hope it'd be more
fruitful during the holiday season, but it has been difficult.
Nevertheless, Christmas Miracles are just around the corner! It's
going to happen! Merry Christmas this Sunday! Crazy to think its
almost here. Going to be another awesome time Skyping the family for
the 3rd time! Love you all! Have a snowy wonderful week!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"Feeling Gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present
and not giving it." - President Thomas S. Monson


1. Merry Christmas! The first package came!

2. Service at Sister Danforths. Baby its cold outside!

3. This pic was right after I got pelted by a snowball. I will seek out revenge :)

4. New District!