Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weekly Email # 81 - Punching Life Back In The Face!


We had a good long week! My subject line comes from our investigator Jonathan. I'll give you the context here down below.

We all know that adversity tends to come at times when we least expect it. Sometimes, we are prepared for it and yet, it comes much more powerfully and we don't expect to be pushed back by it! That was the case this week. During the first few days, we had several return appointments to go to and yet every single one of those fell through, even though we felt confident that at least a couple of them would keep their return appointments.

So we progress to Thursday and Friday. The highlight of those two days was us being able to see how Jonathan and his family are coming along. We got to be a part of their game night and just do an overall evaluation of everything. He said he hadn't read but he felt guilty that he needs to get back into the Book. He said he would come to Elders Quorum basketball on Saturday and come to church the next day!! So that was a great way to finish off the day. We also weekly planned and contacted quite a few people near our apartment.

Saturday comes along. Brother Dowling picked us up so we could come to Elders Quorum Basketball in the hopes that Jonathan comes too. As we finished the first game, Jonathan showed up and was the life of the games! I have to say, my shot surprisingly has gotten a little bit better haha but that's because maybe I got open shots due to having a black 6'3 dominant basketball investigator player ⛹🏻⛹πŸΏπŸ€. hahaha Jonathan's so awesome. Afterwards, we had a chapel tour with him as Brother Dowling fellow-shipped! It wasn't the best tour due to us being in gym clothes, but it was still a great experience to feel the Spirit in the Lords Home. That was a big thing for me, just being able to realize that. Jonathan then took us home, bought us lunch because he's just great, and we went about our day. We did service for Brother Hemingway. He was taking out the tile in his whole house (there was only one floor of it, but STILL!) and we got to help him destroy all of it! Haha man, combine that with basketball and contacting the rest of the day, I was SUPER SORE for the next couple of days. Haha

The big day. Sunday. Jonathan came!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! My first investigator at church in a LONG TIME!!! I was so pumped. He picked us up and we arrived a few minutes late to Sacrament Meeting which actually worked out. We sat in the back and as the meeting ended, everyone FLOODED Jonathan! Hahaha it was so great, he was surprised by how many people talked to him over the course of his stay. He was able to stay up until the end of the general priesthood meeting and he said all these wonderful things about the church. When we went over to his home to help he and his wife pack stuff up to get to his storage unit, he said he was very impressed and related very well with the people and the lessons that were taught. Man, it was so great to see that.

On Monday, we helped Jonathan move more storage stuff. The sucky thing was that we took two 5 minute trips to the storage locker and both times, he forgot his locker key. Hahaha he wasn't too happy and hence he told us, "When Life gives you a bunch of crap, punch Life back in the face!" So what we did is after we got everything moved, we all got Big Gulps a bunch of food for our dinner later that night. Hahaha

When I look back at all the different experiences I've had out here, I cant help but know that God puts us where we need to be when we are doing the things He needs us to do. I'm so very grateful for all the wonderful people I have come in contact out here; missionaries, members and nonmembers, EVERYONE. Its a wonderful thing and I have a firm testimony in the fact that God loves me and loves the people that we come in contact with.

With that being said, surprisingly, I will be staying in New Albany, while Elder Reynolds will be moving on to his 4th area. It was a great three months together, he's one of my favorite companions and has helped me with a lot of things. I'm excited to meet my next companion tomorrow morning! Love you all. We'll talk next Monday!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"The best way to have the spirit of revelation is to listen to and study words spoken under the influence of the Holy Ghost. In other words, we obtain the Spirit by reading the scriptures or reading or listening to the talks of inspired leaders.
As we devote ourselves to the Lord’s work, we must be involved in the hard work we call preparation” - Dallin H Oaks

Pics And Time lapse!

1. I'm gonna miss this..... dinosaur wearing person.

2. Us destroying Brother Hemingway's home.

3. Good freaking times. Us and Jonathan in the U-Haul.

4. Time lapse of some of the destruction.