Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Weekly Email # 85 - Don't survive the day, SEIZE the day!

My weekly email header is what happens when you go to bed one night, can't sleep AT ALL, and you start thinking about what you want for the rest of the mission. Let me tell you that was a long night. Haha and maybe I needed to have that. I still have quite a bit of time to go, and now I am slowly realizing that there will come a time that I won't be able to wear the name tag anymore. Anyways, just thought I'd throw you into the mind of Elder Galbraith for a split second, and that probably was too much. Haha let's get into the week!

We had a lot of stuff go on this week. Tracting for days, Getting New Investigators, Interviews with President, Service at My Very Own Blanket AND moving out a member, Attending a Family Discovery Day with an investigator, and a missionary fireside with the youth of the Ward! Constantly busy with a lot of variety, which means a lot of good stories for the journal! I'll share a couple with you.

With Jonathan leaving a couple weeks ago, we've been trying to find some solid people and we found a cool couple a few days ago. Their names are Kari and Patrick! Kari has been taught by missionaries before because she is a referral from her member neighbors, the Davis's, who befriended her. She is dating Patrick, who became interested in the church when he met with Kari's member neighbor's. We had a quick sit down lesson this week and taught about the Book of Mormon and Prayer and also answered their questions, which was awesome. They weren't able to make it to church yesterday for a number of reasons, but they want to come to church together and we'll continue meeting with them to learn more about their needs and concerns. Yay! The teaching pool isn't as dismal anymore! Haha

We also had a youth fireside yesterday night at Brother Varney's home, who is a counselor in the Bishopric. We went downstairs into their basement where the youth sat together around and on the couch, while the leaders sat towards the side of the room and us three sets of missionaries sat in a row as if we were doing a panel. It was a way cool experience! The youth sent us questions and the one that got a lot of attention and concern was, "Do you have someone waiting for you back at home?" Hahaha man, that was quite the conversation. Don't worry, there was some spiritual stuff in there too. Haha I got to share Sarah's (one of my recent converts) conversion story and how grateful I was to be apart of that great experience. The youth are freaking awesome, I really love being around them and helping them out with all the crazy stuff they deal with.

That's it for me this week! Keep in touch! Love hearing from you guys! Keep being awesome! Have a great week!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed." - Lloyd Jones

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