Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Weekly Email # 83 - Saying Goodbye, Still Small, Stake Conference, Apostle Meet Up

Hey Everyone! A lot happened this week! Here we go.

We did quite a bit of contacting and finding the first few days. There's quite a bit of less actives in our part of the Ward so we are continuing to see them and work with them. One in particular was the Godwins, a family that originally was marked active in our AreaBook, but we quickly realized that they aren't active. We taught a lesson to them and then learned that they were on and off with activity and with the boundary changes, they fell out of the loop and didn't really know anyone in the new ward. They also have a 12 year old granddaughter living with them that isn't baptized. We hope to continue to keep working with them and their home-teachers and bring them back into the fold.

I had to say goodbye to Jonathan, Kelly and Riley. I have talked about them several times in past emails because they are just that awesome! This past weekend they moved out of their home in our area and into their new home in Pickerington, about 20 minutes away from us but in an entirely different Stake and Zone. I'm glad we can use email as a way of staying in contact with people like Jonathan and his family, otherwise this would've been a WAY sadder day. Their family has made a great impact on me and has built in me a new desire to do better as a missionary and as a person. I'll always remember that, "When life punches you in the face, punch it back!" Good times man. I know Jonathan and his family will be in good hands.

We continued to do more finding and building up our teaching pool. We have some cool people right now and I am excited to keep working with them! Also, we have been in the process of moving apartments, so we've had absolute zero success looking for one because they are all rich homes and neighborhoods that don't have any apartment complexes. Maybe one day we'll find one. Hahaha living at the VERY bottom of an 8 mile long biking area takes its tole on you after a while. Hahaha

Also, Stake Conference was this past weekend which was freaking sick! We weren't able to go to the Saturday Session, I guess missionaries weren't allowed to go that day, but we went on Sunday. Since I have been in the Stake for more than the past year, I got to see some members in my former areas! It was so awesome to see the Mount Vernon and the Zanesville peeps again! And not only did that happen, but the talks/testimonies were some of the best I have heard! Elder Calderwood, an Area Seventy, was the concluding speaker and offered some great insights into the Book of Mormon that I never had thought about before. Sadly we weren't able to get any investigators to enjoy it with us. We did get a couple of less actives which was good at least.

But I forgot to mention, the Zone got to perform a missionary musical number in Stake Conference. We had one practice session during the week and then one more practice an hour before Stake Conference. So we get there early and I get the seat right where the camera would catch the speaker and the few choir singers, aka me. I remembered Elder Halverson doing it last Stake Conference, so I had to follow in his footsteps. Haha but as choir practice was going along, the sisters filled the row in front of us and I couldn't see Sister Hall, the choir director, because #ShortPeopleProblems. Well, Sister Hall noticed this too so in the middle of the practice with people starting to fill the pews in the chapel, she stops the practice and says something to the effect of, "Elder I can't see you, you are too short. Let's have Elders and Sisters move around so I can see you." Thanks Sister Hall. Haha don't worry, she is still one of my favorites and she gave the congregation and the missionaries quite a good laugh about it. I am basically famous for being 5'4, its great. Haha it was a fun time.

Love you all! Have a good week! Here's me trying to do a better job at sending pics!

P.S. - We have Elder Gary E Stevenson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles coming to the mission this Saturday! Finally, after being a missionary for 19 months and reading everyones weekly's about meeting different apostles, I finally get to meet one! Super pumped for that! Sorry, I have to rub it in :)


1. Making Pizza with the Young Men!

2. More Pizza and More Young Men.

3. Contacting in the snow! It only really snowed one day this week and we didn't even get 2-3 inches. Thanks Utah.

4. Me, Elder Miller, Elder Jepson, and Elder Evans were some of the people that helped Jonathan move this past weekend. Good good times.