Thursday, April 13, 2017

Weekly Email # 88 - Blitz Week!

Hey Everyone!

Having a Wednesday P-day and a Monday P-day back to back while staying in the area after transfers is the best! While everyone's cleaning their cars for car inspections at Zone Conference this week, we'll be sitting back, emailing, and scrubbing down our disgusting bathroom. Haha it should be a party! Well, less of a party now that Elder Miller is gone :( Anyways, what's been going on the past five days? I never thought you'd ask!

Remember that one lady I was telling you about last week, Lynn? Well, we decided to stop being in contact with her on Thursday last week and took her off date... On Wednesday, she sent us 4 voicemails saying that she did NOT want to visit and never wants us to come back or contact her in any way. Well the next day, she left one voicemail where she said that everything is going well, she's reading the book, and she's excited to meet with us again.....

What??? So we waited for her for a couple minutes at a Mexican restaurant we were going to meet her at and she didn't come. So we went to a local Wendy's, called her, and she didn't remember any of the 4 voice mails she left us on Wednesday and forgot about our return appointment on Thursday. I personally believe she is interested in learning more, but from what we've seen from her and other missionaries reports from last year, it was the best situation for us to stop seeing her. I really didn't want to stop teaching her, but we prayed about it and felt right about that decision.

In other investigator news, we did service for a couple named Steve and Kathy, and then they fed us a delicious pulled pork sandwich dinner afterwards! They told us how much they enjoyed conference and the talks they watched AFTER conference! Steve has been browsing BYU TV and watching talks and other things haha which is the first time I've had an investigator do that. He seems more interested at the time, but during dinner, Kathy asked a lot of sincere questions about the church too! They weren't able to make it to church, but Steve at least, told us he would make plans to come to church soon.

You know that My Very Own Blanket place that we do service at every Tuesday and Thursday? Well I don't know if you know or not, but during the two hours of break time between conference sessions, they featured a 10ish minute video for Just Serve (a program designed by the Church so we can give volunteer service hours in our communities)! And in this video, My Very Own Blanket was one of the featured Just Serve places! Jessica, the owner of MVOB, was a part of that video! Sadly, none of us cool Elders got to be in the video, but a couple of sisters were in a panorama they did! Go check it out! I think its on if you haven't seen it yet!

Oh, also, our zone is doing a blitz this week! Should be awesome! This is only the second blitz I've ever done and we'll be doing church invitations in EVERY CONTACT! Haha should be a way to spice things up!

I've found recently that the scriptures are our maturity as members of the church. What do I mean by that? The Scriptures give us correct doctrine and if we use the Scriptures correctly in our teaching, it backs up EVERYTHING that we say, because the Holy Ghost can testify of our interpretation of said Scriptures. I've become more appreciative of the Scriptures this past month as they have helped our investigators realize they can apply these sacred chapters and verses in their lives as we missionaries do so ourselves. I haven't been that great at using the Scriptures during lessons so this realization that I had this past week has helped out a lot.

Here's a cool scripture for you all! And also my love for each and every one of you! Thank you for motivating me to be better! If I don't hear from you today, have a great rest of your week!

Hebrews 11:6
6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.


1. No words....

2. The Tree of Life in Lehi's dream. This depiction of Lehi's vision is freaking awesome!

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"It is THIS mission and how valiantly you serve that will bless your family." - Elder Bennett