Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekly Email # 89 - Results of Blitz Week! Happy Easter!

Hey everyone!

Well the results of our Blitz Week was.... surprising! Haha we were inviting all week long for people to come to church. We thought that out of all the people we invited (it was more than 60 individual invitations), there would be a good turn out! And we also have a few people that we have been working with that actually said, yes I will be at church. Haha so we were pumped!

Guess how many showed up...........

Goose Egg.

NONE!!! What the heck? Haha that just left me in awe as we waited in the foyer until a few minutes after Sacrament Meeting began. We sat down and had a wonderful Sacrament service, along with two hours of Sunday school classes, which I KNOW some of our investigators needed to hear. I laugh about it now, but when we got home, I was just straight flabbergasted at it all. Agency, though it is one of most important doctrines we have in the Gospel, is so annoying when people Choose to go against commitments, promises and God's Gospel. Of course we will use this for motivation to find those that are prepared this coming week, but man, that was just crazy!

This upcoming week should be a fun one! We got ZL exchanges on campus tomorrow, meetings like Coordination and Zone Conferences, and a Ward Social that will involve an auction to use as a youth fundraiser! Oh, and getting our investigators to see the importance of commitments, thats always a party too! Haha

This will be a short email so I'll leave you with some pics. Much love! Have a great week!


1. Going to teach investigators how to phone Jesus! Well, in this case we were phoning Brother Peterson (shout out) , but you get what I'm putting down.

2 and 3. Park pics, because why not?

Elder Galbraith
The Great OCM
"It is THIS mission and how valiantly you serve that will bless your family." - Elder Bennett