Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Weekly Email # 90 - I.Don't.Want.It.

90.... weeks. Holy snot. Haha

Haha how are you everyone? We had a great week! Let me share some highlights with you.

On Tuesday, we had Zone Leader exchanges on campus! For me, this was the 4th time going on campus, the first time with Elder Hermann, one of the good buds of the mission! As we were walking to campus, I told Elder Hermann that in all the exchanges I've gone on, I've never been able to go inside The Shoe and that was going to be our goal! Haha so we found an opportunity to right before lunch and right before we were going to go in the big archway to the stadium, we both felt a prompting to go talk to an Asian lady who we would've walked right past, but we stopped ourselves. We contacted her found out her name was Wei Wei. We talked to her for a few minutes and she showed a lot of genuine interest! It was a great contact and I was still able to get that picture finally :)

Then Wednesday morning came around! We had our second to last Zone Conference with President and Sister Daines. We talked a lot about teaching like the angels and the switchover that will happen when they head back home. Its crazy to think they will have been around for almost 23 months of my mission experience when everything is said and done. It was a wonderful meeting and was super great!

We worked around this week and tried different contacting approaches which was good! We went to the Dam to contact, but didn't show too much success. We also tried working in different areas and did a variety of street contacting and tracting.

Jeff, our wheel chair bound investigator, was going to come to church yesterday, but had to flake out :( We'll get him and others there next week! He was so close!

The Ward did a youth fundraiser this past Saturday that was an auction! They had a professional auctioneer from West Virginia come out to help, it was awesome! I might have won three dozen donuts.... and several Ward members gave us baked goods that they bought at the auction too! #SugarComa #MormonsAreTooNice

Today, we had District Activity and it was super fun! We played Mustang Ball which I have never heard of before until today. Haha basically its like five sports combined into one. You play with a soccer ball and if you score in the basketball hoop with it, you get one point and if you kick it into a set up goal below the basketball hoop (we used a round table), you get two points. Haha the things you learn!

Love you all! Thanks for your stupendous emails! They are always awesome and super funny to read! Hope you have an awesome week.

Pics and Vid!

1. Finally. 🤤🤤🤤

2. Columbus East Zone Pic!

3. Video of Bishop Dickson trying to be an auctioneer. Hahaha!

4 and 5. District Pics!!