Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Weekly Email # 91! - Praise Jesus!

What's up! Things have been steadily improving in New Albany 2A! Sharing time, commence!

Monday and Tuesday kinda blended together. Monday night after p-day, we worked around the area, not being able to see too many people. On Tuesday, we went to the Metro Gardens park to contact some people. On a blazing hot spring day, there were fewer people than we were anticipating. Then we came back, had dinner at the apartment and went to Book of Mormon Discussion Night, which went well! Elder Evans and I facilitated the discussion and was a good meeting!

Wednesday was another crazy hot day! We did more contacting by the dam, tried seeing a couple of less actives. We then went to help Patrick, an investigator of ours, pour A LOT of mulch! He was super thankful for our help and without us even extending an invitation, he said, "I want to check out your church!" Haha we want you to check out our church too! He dropped us back off at home, bought us smoothies, (because we politely declined coffee and whatever else Tim Horton's offers haha!) and dropped us off! Patrick is awesome! We later tried to plan a chapel tour with him, but he wasn't able to do that. But it was still a great way to end the day!

Thursday and Friday were good days! Well kinda. After we had a lesson with a less active, Brother Godwin, we went walking around and got DRENCHED by a storm that lasted approximately 5 minutes! We brought umbrellas and felt prepared, but the rain was coming down HORIZONTALLY. Haha so the umbrellas did not retain any value. We then had dinner with the Spooners (Brother Spooner gave me a SUPER fat 80's tie. Haha totally going to skinny it, though.) Then had a super dope Ward Coordination! We did it Brother Peterson! We got stuff done! I was super proud! Friday was full of weekly planning shenanigans, helping the Smiths prepare homemade Cane's, which was SUPER delicious, and having a lesson with Eamon, a less active. Eamon has been doing awesome recently. Coming to church regularly, reading the scriptures, keeping commitments, it's been great!

Saturday we did more contacting, like knocking Potentials, street contacting, going through our LONG list of formers, all that good stuff. A couple lessons fell through that day, and it was honestly a slower day. A couple of funny contacts too that were good for the journal! Haha oh and I forgot to mention. On Thursday night, we got a knock at the door around 9:20ish. It was a member named Brother Flandro, who is actually visiting from Mississippi! Haha he told us he saw the Jesus picture on our front door and knew we were missionaries 😂😂 He wanted to do missionary work with us until he has to leave this coming Thursday! Haha so he has been a great help!

The Sabbath was the highlight of the week! Eamon picked us and Brother Flandro up to go to church and like he promised, Patrick came to church! He sat by his member friends, the Davis' and he said he enjoyed fast and testimony meeting! I bore my testimony too, which I was kinda planning on doing if Patrick came to church. Basically, the Spirit kept telling me, "Hey, you said you would bear your testimony. Now go do it." And I went up after receiving a few.... nudges. Neat experience. We then as a Ward Mission, taught the third hour of church, and pushed everyone to strive to do more missionary work. I facilitated around a 10 minute discussion which was actually more fun than it was nerve wracking! There was a powerful spirit there as three of the six of us missionaries did trainings, then Brother Peterson, then Bishop. It was some good stuff!

We get home, do our studies and go have a lesson with Jeff, our wheel chair pal! He really wants to come to church, but transportation makes it super difficult, so we are going to try and help him as best as we can. After him we tried seeing a couple more people, then had dinner. After dinner we tried contacting a "new" investigator named Justin, who Elder Reynolds, my former comp, contacted on exchanges. We went to visit the address and no one was home. So we continued to walk up the street and we see a woman sitting outside her apartment door looking all sad and smoking a cigarette and I felt prompted to go talk to her. So as we contact her, we find out that her name is Destiny, who is a friend of Justin, who is also in our records! Elder Reynolds, you know I think you're cool, but YOU DONE MESSED UP! 😘😘 Haha we had their incorrect address and were knocking on the wrong door for 3 months now! 😐😐😐 She's super interested and wants to come to church with her 13 year old daughter! We got a return appointment for later tonight!

That's it for me! Gotta do 3 essays for school today so if I am terrible at writing back today, that is why. Love you all, thanks for being awesome! The work is moving along!


1. Hahaha Patrick's a stud!