Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekly Email # 92 - 130 + Multi-Stake Conference? Sure!

Hello, Yello!

Things have been going well! Super excited to Skype all you Galbraith peeps this Sunday, FOR THE LAST TIME! Wut? Crazy. Its going to be a great call 😃 Also, transfers are this coming week, which means the Great OCM and I will be having P-day/Email time next Wednesday! I've been in the New Albany Area for 7 months so it might be my time to skedaddle. We'll find out!

Well what have we been up to? Hm. The theme of retaining current investigators and finding new ones keep cycling through my mind. Our Zone put a focus on finding new investigators this week too, which helped us balance our schedule out with helping progressing investigators and getting in the doors of new ones!

Elder Evans and I got stuck in the ☔️ rain 💦 multiple times this week! Haha one time we had umbrellas and they worked... for the most part. And then the time we didn't have them was due to us thinking our weather apps were sufficient in knowledge.... haha so we got soaked!! It started hailing and we found ourselves under a tree on the sidewalk and this lady was calling us over to come join her in the garage! Apparently, she had been yelling at us to come over for like twoish minutes, but we couldn't hear her due to the insanely loud rain drops!

Haha well we happily run over to her garage and I was thinking, "Sweet! We are going to stand here and stay dry AND get this lady to be a new investigator! These stories don't just happen in PMG after all!" She was super nice and talked to us about what we do as missionaries and our beliefs for a little bit. And then literally 6 or 7ish minutes later, the rain ceased and she said, "Well its time for you guys to get running!" We tried saving the moment and teaching her the Gospel but she was very stuck in her church and that there is no point in teaching her 😭😭🤔 Oh well, makes for a good story! I can totally see her accepting the Gospel in the future.

We did more mulching with Patrick and Kari this past Wednesday which was great! They are so awesome. After getting all the mulching done in Flash fashion 😉, we thought we were done. All the sudden, Patrick comes out with..... what? STEAKS!!! hahaha he surprised us so we had steak potato dinner which was awesome! With the time crunch they were on, we weren't able to teach a full lesson, but they wanted to come to church!

Let's talk about church! This past Sunday, we had a Multi Stake Conference broadcasted from Salt Lake that included Stakes from Eastern Canada and most of the East Coast of the United States. Multiple General Authorities, including Elder Dallin H Oaks, spoke over the "pulpit" and delivered inspiring messages, which I really liked! I took a lot notes, it felt like a post mini General Conference. Our Stake building was filled with both New Albany Wards and it totally reminded me of my Ward back at home!

But the bad news had to come eventually. Kari and Patrick weren't able to make it and neither was our wheelchair investigator, Jeff. Jeff was unable to get his health aids to help him out with a ride and our Ward, unfortunately wasn't able to provide a ride. Kari and Patrick couldn't make it because they forgot about Kari's son graduating at the EXACT same time as the Stake Broadcast. Craziness. We'll get them there!

Have a great week! Thanks for being studs! Love your emails and letters!


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