Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weekly Email # 98 - That Teaching Pool Tho!


Only in the mission field does a nine day week between p-days feel SO MUCH LONGER than a
7 day week. Haha! But this has been a rather great week surprisingly!

My last weekly email was titled "A Week That Has Changed Me" and since going through this change we have seen quite the progression in our area! Like, people ACTUALLY keep their
appointments, and they're ACTUALLY reading the Book of Mormon AND
praying about it! Like wha???????

Its like, the missionary has to change if he wants his investigators to change as well! I guess it
only took 23 months to figure out 😉 Let me stop freaking out. How about I share some highlights?

Umm.... hello?

Are you still with me?

No?? Okay, well, let me continue my tangent 😬 You are in for a treat this week!!! 😇😇

Monday, after p-day ended, we had a lesson with an older gentleman named Richard at the
church. It was one of the hardest Restoration lessons I've ever taught. Haha! He went
on SO many tangents and we had to keep roping him into the conversation.
Basically at the end, he's only interested in learning is in good standing with God so he doesn't
think he needs to apply our teachings. Gotta love when that happens, right?

Tuesday and Wednesday were simple mixtures of 1-2 lessons and a lot of updating our
area book. This area's teaching pool is the biggest I have ever had as a missionary and its
almost impossible to manage due to how many records there are. So we spent a good chunk of time
visiting people that haven't been updated in a while.

Thursday - Exchanges with Elder Pantuso in his area, the actual Reynoldsburg area! We had an awesome lesson with an investigator of theirs that LOVES deep doctrine. So we made
sure to apply the simple teachings of the Gospel and he really seems to be genuinely interested
in learning more. The rest of the four-five appointments they had scheduled fell through so we were out and about.

Friday, we did a TON of service and weekly planning.

Holy snot, I was so tired.

Saturday was the BIG moment of the week. We had 4 appointments set up. The two in the
morning fell through. One was with a single mom named Shaquailia, who has two primary
aged kids. She called later apologizing that she missed our appointment  but she was still
planning on coming to church the next day! She confirmed her ride with the member as well!

Our afternoon lessons were BOMB! Straight Spirit felt the entire time! One was with a Bible
AND Book of Mormon referral named Angela. She's seen several signs from God recently in
her life to bring her life in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ. She was hesitant about us
coming over, but said in a prayer, "If you want these two strangers to enter my home and share a message that will change my life, than I will allow it." Crazy! She said yes to every commitment
and is excited to meet up with us again! Our other awesome lesson was with Annette.
She's continuing to pray for a baptismal date and committed to coming to church.

Dope sauce.

Sunday. I will try my best to give you my perspective amongst this crazy day. Let me take you back before this day even began!

A member of the Bishopric came up to me a couple Sundays prior and basically said,
"Hey, you're new in the Ward. Want to give a 10 minute talk on Fathers Day about How We Can Honor Our Fathers?" Sure, Bishopric member I've never talked to before! I thought the big bomb
had been dropped until we got a call later two hours later that day from the Elders Quorum President, asking if the "New Guy" (Me) could teach Chapter 11 of the President Hinckley manual on in the last hour of church Fathers Day? Sure, Brother President! Why not? 😬😓😭

So come Sunday, I am sitting on the podium, waiting to give my talk AND for our investigators
to show up. Well, Shaqualia and her two kids come walking in with their ride! And they get BOMBARDED by members! Haha! She was so shocked and surprised and I got a birds eye view of it! So Elder Humphries goes to sit with them and a couple minutes later, Annette comes strolling on through too! Elder Humphries got to man the fort of 4 investigators while I gave my talk!

Annette left right after Sacrament Meeting so we went with Shaqualia to Gospel Principles which was on fasting. (this is important for later on. Are you tired yet from reading about my crazy life??) She went to Relief Society after and I went to go prepare to for my facilitation of the Elders Quorum, which was SUPER nervous about. Well, good news!! They cut the lesson twenty minutes short since they would have a Ward Social for those last 20 minutes of church. So I only had to teach for 8 minutes. 🤜🤛👍

After church we had lunch and decided to go drop off our leftover pie we got from the Fathers Day Social to Shaqualia's. Well that's what we thought we were going to do until, she came outside and told us how much she and her kids LOVED church! We taught the Plan of Salvation and extended
the 29th of July as a baptismal date to her and she said yes before I could finish extending the commitment! WOW!

Well, to make sure this email doesn't take all the time in the world (1hr and a half later), Monday and Tuesday of this week were good days :) there you go. Hahahaha!

Love you all!

Thank you so much for your love and support!
Happy Belated Fathers Day to all those awesome Fathers out there! Especially including my earthly Father, who is like, the coolest person ever. There, I said it :) My dad didn't even force me to say that either! Big props!

Pics to come!!!

Currently waiting to see what my final mission transfer doctrine will be!

Um... So I just got five week shafted.. SO YEAH! Hahahahaha my short
stay in Reynoldsburg is coming to an end! I'll be at transfers tomorrow morning!
I'll send out my new address next Monday! Going to get my 7th area and 13th companion!
The assistants called several companionship's in the mission saying that they would be getting doubled out/ but my transfer is a simple; me leaving, Elder Humphries is staying. Since there are so many missionaries going home this transfer and next transfer, President Daines has had to close several areas down. People speculate its because not that many missionaries are coming out anymore.


1. I'll see you in seven weeks, Chris Pratt

2. District Meeting with the ZL's!

3. Us with Annette this past sunday at church!

Elder Galbraith

The Great OCM
"Work is the miracle by which talent is brought to the surface and
dreams become reality." - President Hinckley