Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Weekly email # 12

Hey! Things are going good over here in Canal.

This last week has been way fun and exciting! Over these past few days, we had the opportunity to go on exchanges within our District. Some of the Elders live in a neighboring town called Circleville.
Which gave me the opportunity to go to Circleville with the Elders that lived there. There, they had the "Pumpkin Festival". I probably haven't talked about this in an email before but at least once or
twice a month, Columbus has a festival. So far I've been to the apple butter fest, the honey fest, and now the pumpkin fest.

They made everything and anything, pumpkin. There was pumpkin burgers, pumpkin fries, pumpkin soda, pumpkin popcorn, pumpkin cornbread, and more! I was able to try the pumpkin doughnuts and those were freaking heavenly.

Oh and I should also mention that this festival is comparable to 
Mardi Gra in terms of attendance and craziness! There isn't people that get drunk as much compared to Mardi Gra, but the people come from all over Ohio to this event. I've never seen more carny games in my life and how crazy people got over them.

I've been thinking about how much of a change I've gone through over these past two and a half months. It's crazy how time flies sometimes. When I first got out here, I never would've thought time would go by so fast. I continue to learn about everything I need to work on and things I need to improve. I'm nowhere close to the missionary I want to be, but I know these kind of things come over time. It takes patience in dealing with growth. For example, I have a hard time memorizing street names and being directionally challenged sucks. But I've gotten to know so much of the area and since I'm outside exploring new areas every day, it helps me out a lot.

Transfers are in a couple weeks and I've gotten to know this area and the people around it so much. I don't wanna leave! Haha! The ward is absolutely fantastic and they care for missionaries so much.

Man, I wish I had more time to give you guys a more thorough email. Being a missionary makes you appreciate the time that you have out here and you want to do the best you can with it. I'll slowly make it around to all of your emails. I will do it. Eventually.

Love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Lil G

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Love this little booger!

Mom I just had Chipotle for the first time ever. It was better than Cafe Rio.

It rained on us but that can't stop me from enjoying a nice cold beer.
Root Beer that is.

Pumpkin Fest

Pumpkin Fest