Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weekly Email # 23

Hey ya'll! This week flew by so fast. I'm reminded of the saying that
while your out on the mission that, "weeks feel like days and days
feel like weeks." It's definitely true this week because I feel like
last P-day was just yesterday, freaking insane.

For those of you that heard, as of March 1, 2016, any missionary that
enters the MTC that is speaking their foreign language will stay 3
weeks instead of 2. When I heard about this I thought back to my
experience in the MTC. Though it was a great experience, I don't know
if I would like a three week stay there. Maybe being so close to home
was one of the reasons why I wanted to leave after two weeks, I don't

And because of this MTC change, that effects us current missionaries.
We will have 7 week transfers instead of 6 week transfers. At least
for me personally, I will come home a week earlier on July 28th
instead of August 5th which is weird to think about.

Anyways, the missionary work is going great! Elder Liu and I have
gotten really good at teaching lessons with each other. The only thing
we struggle with is getting people to Church. We sadly, haven't gotten
an investigator to Church in the past month, and it's been a struggle.
It's frustrating but we know Heavenly Father is helping us grow and
eventually we will get these people to come to Church.

This will be a shorter email this week, I'm going to go beat some
missionaries in some good ol basketball. Wish me luck!

Elder G

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My first opportunity to help someone with their Word of Wisdom
concern. His name is Art, a man we have been teaching ever since I got
in Marble Cliff 9 weeks ago. He has pretty much every Word of Wisdom
concern you can have except drugs, and last Saturday, I took his tea.
I feel like a policeman. Say no to drugs, kids.

Elder Liu taking a selfie #1

Elder Liu realizing I've been taking pictures of him for
the past 4 minutes of him just taking selfies.

Elder Liu still continuing to take a selfie #13

With the wind chill it got to -2 degrees last night.
 Desperate times call for desperate measures

Just someone walking a pig in the middle of Downtown. Nbd.