Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Weekly Email Update # 22 (5 month mark)

Happy New Year! I would send a really sweet picture out of us
celebrating the New Years by doing crazy missionary stuff, but that
crazy missionary stuff included us going to bed 10 minutes early than
our scheduled bed time. Haha!

Up until Christmas, I didn't really notice the blessings of leaving family
behind until I heard from you all and what you said. The Spirit works
in so many different and interesting ways. I've been blessed to come to
know that I can gain strength through just simply serving and forgetting
 about things that bring heartache. That Skype session was well needed
because I just needed to hear all your voices again. Chase's was
one of my favorites :)

Some really cool things that I read this week includes these talks. Of
course, they are both by Elder Holland. But if you ever have the time,
I encourage you to do so.

They are "Laborers in the Vineyard" & "Israel Israel, God is Calling".

Anyways! Yeah this week has been a roller coaster of a week that's for
sure. In terms of missionary work, it slowed down. Quite a few of our
investigators and less active's said they were all going to show up to
Church and only one less active made the attendance role. It's
frustrating to not see the fruits of your labor, but I'm confident in
these people. They all want to change and all want change in their
lives they just need to act. That's definitely been a recurring theme
during these 5 months. You can't force, you can only invite.

Tomorrow is my 5 month mark! Woohoo! One more month and you'll get to
see my tie burning. I'll probably burn one of my nice ties, right mom?

This past little while, we have been giving the Sacrament to a member
outside of Church. She has three autistic children, one of which was
in the Children's Hospital because of constant problems. For about two
months, every Sunday we go and give the sacrament to her and her
family at the Hospital and it's always a very great experience to see

I can't even imagine what it would be like to be in that situation.
They originally live in Indiana and they have been living out of their
hospital room for the past 6 months, when it was only supposed to be a
48 hour visit. And the awesome part of this is that they got to go
home the day after Christmas and celebrate it with all their family.
It's so great to see how happy they all were to leave the Hospital,
and she was always super grateful for us to bring them the Sacrament.

I hope you all have a great first week of the year!

Elder G

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This is a north part of our area. It's just barely south of downtown. Ladies
and gentlemen, this is ghetto country. I'll take some more pictures in the near
future. These aren't even the worst ones.

The Ohio State football stadium, aka, "The Shoe". Elder Orlandi and
Elder Stohlton, the Georgia Domes got nothing on the Buckeyes :)
Sports are pretty much the greatest thing ever. Oh wait, I meant
missionary work..... Missionary work...... Missionary work....

Nationwide Arena where the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team plays. Even though they`re pretty much the worst team in the league, people still support the heck out of them. You can tell when there is a Jacket game because there will be a HUGE line of Columbus fans lining into the sidewalks of Downtown.

One of those tall buildings we pass all the time but I never take a picture of.

Us in Downtown. The sweater/suit combo in the cold is great!

First district meeting for this transfer!
Left to right : Sister Hill,  Sister Farmer, Sister Hopkins,
Sister Blazer (replaced Sister Beebe.  Sister Blazer is a new missionary)
Elder Eason, Me, Elder Liu & Elder Anfinson, our District Leader.
Sister Farmer goes home at the  end of this transfer and then the rest of us are
younger than 8  months. Zone Leaders came by and took this picture for us.