Thursday, January 21, 2016

Weekly Update # 24 - Days are weeks, weeks are days

Short email again this week. I'll give you a quick lowdown of what's
been going on.

So the Christmas Initiative that the Church did last month is still
continuing into this month apparently. That is because we keep getting
media referrals that we have to contact within a twenty four hour
notice. People basically request free Bibles or free Book of Mormons
from the adds the Church publish on the Internet and we, the
missionaries, are the ones that deliver them.

This has resulted in an NUMEROUS amount of investigators which is
freaking spectacular.  It keeps Elder Liu and I on our toes and it's
helping us get people closer to baptism.  Sadly we STILL can't get
anyone to Church. I must be cursed or something. Sometimes, you
literally just want to strangle the person that tells you that they
will come to Church, when in fact it is the opposite result.

ANYWAYS. Not frustrated by that at all. Nope. Not even a little.

If anything, these past experiences have taught me patience and I have
to see it from their shoes. There were definitely certain Sunday's I
woke up and immediately said no to Church. We are going to try some
different approaches this week when it comes to inviting people to
Church and hopefully, that will help involve the spirit more in their

This Wednesday, we will get to opportunity to participate in a World
Wide Missionary training that is being put on by members of the Quorum
of the Twelve. I'm super elated because, especially being out on the
mish, you rely on the prophets teachings and tips. I've also been
reading quite a few conference talks that are included in my personal
studies. It's been really helpful.

Oh, and it's  -14 with wind chill. Totally saw that coming.

Love you all! Have a blessed one!

Elder G

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Had to do it.

Sister Thornton, Brother Thornton, and me.
They came over and gave us a huge Tupperware bowl of Cheese Tortellini soup. So. So. Good.
 She recently went to the hospital to get her appendix removed. She's now home resting.
Please keep her in your prayers. 

Elder Liu and I with Rhonda Cookenour, a member that we visit weekly
in a rest home. She's really nice and has been doing awesome
missionary work even though she's confined to her bed.