Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Weekly Email # 44 - Mini Missionary Week!

Hey everyone! Quick update on everything.

Investigator Update - Still working with some of the same investigators we've been working with in past weeks and trying to get new ones at the same time. Our Ward Mission Leader has asked everyone in the Ward to give one referral that they know would benefit from seeing missionaries and it's been helping us out a lot. And we got some more help..... From.....

Duh duh duh! A mini missionary!!!! You don't believe me? Look! I caught him sleeping after 20 minutes of personal study. Hahahahaha!

Haha he's cool, his name is Graham Fordham from the Delaware Ward, just north of downtown Columbus. He's 16, a convert of only four years. He reminds me of Foster Harvey (oops, meant ELDER Harvey). He's really determined to do missionary work and he'll be with us until this Saturday! I'm freaking excited! One thing, though. I thought Mini missionaries were supposed to be.... Well..... Mini. Hahaha he's 6'2. Like c'mon. Haha! I can't avoid tall people, I swear!

To continue with the weird highlights this past week I learned how to stack hay bails (probably butchered that spelling but whatevs) for the first time last Monday. Look how much fun we had! (Hint the obvious sarcasm).

Wednesday, I learned the true power of hay... We were doing hay in a barn similar to this one. There was one main entrance to let the air flow in. That's it. There was a ton of dust and we were only stacking hay for 10 minutes when I couldn't take it anymore. My allergies kicked in really bad and at times, I felt like I couldn't breathe. My eyes were watering really badly, itchy skin, all that wonderful stuff. Brother Weaver, the Mormish member that we were helping, saw I stepped outside and rushed me to his home because he said I got the worst reaction out of anyone he has ever seen. Well of course I live to tell the tale. Thank goodness. After receiving medication and a Priesthood Blessing from Brother Weaver, I stopped getting worse. And this whole week, I've been trying to recover from it. Most of it is gone as of now, just a very redundant cough that nags me quite a bit, but not as bad as it could have gotten. Yes mom, I've been resting, taking care of myself and trying to get better.

This week especially, I have come to see the blessings that come from people that pray for the missionaries. I'm grateful for all of your desire to help me on my personal journey out here.

I sincerely wish I could tell you more of what's been going on. This email could go on forever. Love you all! Have a great week! Thank you again.

Elder G

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