Friday, June 24, 2016

Weekly Email # 46 - "Going up to the house of the Lord"

Hello Everyone! I don't have much time today because of our temple
trip that is occurring later on this morning, so I'll update you
really quick.

-If you read my email from this past Monday, you know I am still in
Mt. Vernon! I really do love this place and it's crazy that I'll have
been here for 6 months at the end of this transfer. Who knows, I might
end up staying even longer, which I really wouldn't have a problem

- I also got a new companion! His name is Elder Larsen from the Logan
area. He's a dairy farmer. Now I can say I've had a rancher and a
farmer as two separate companions. Haha but he's cool! We have our
commonalities and I'm excited to get to know him over these next few

- Cool Experience for the week! Yesterday, we were teaching our
investigator Sarah. After we said an opening prayer she immediately
says the following. "So I've been thinking about my baptism. And it's
kinda crazy but I was hoping that I can be baptized on July 16th.
Would that be possible?"


Okay, I lie. I didn't just say yes, I said, "ABSOLUTELY! Here's what
we are going to do!" Hahaha I was freaking out! Sarah is a wonderful
person and she's really gained a testimony of the Gospel just from
simply asking questions. She's basically converted and she's still a
few weeks from her baptism. Absolutely awesome.

I've gotta head off now, but know that Gospel is the only way you can
achieve EVERLASTING happiness. I find so much joy from just doing the
Work than I would if I was doing anything else in my life. And
especially when those hard days come, it's very comforting to know
that I believe in "Good Things To Come". That's the hope our belief as
Mormons can bring and that's freaking fantastic.

Thank you all for your love and positivity! That sounds like a hippy
statement but it's totally true, you help me carry on the work! Have a
great week.

Your-Almost-11 Month-Old-Missionary,

Elder Galbraith

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